ENDO: 100% Achievement Guide

A easy to follow guide with photos of where everything is to collect/interact with for your achievements. Have fun!


Hello! The 9 collectable frogs are spread out across the 9 levels, ill attach a screenshot and brief description of how to find them. The other achievements can be found along the way, This guide will list all the achievements in order of when you can obtain them. Best of luck! If you found this helpful don’t forget to give it a thumbs up or a award.

Cheat sheet encase your looking for a specific achievement.

Level 1

Level 2
-Butterfly Friend
-Stacking Stones

Level 3
-Mushroom Flip

Level 4
-Moth Circle

Level 6

Level 9

Level 1


This one can be gotten on the starting platform of the first level, or any area, bhop in a circle a couple times and the achievement should pop

Frog 1/9

Pump the fountain and a frog will pop out


After the water fountain, go and click on the grasshopper and follow him until you get the achievement.

Level 2

Butterfly Friend

Slowly sneak up on the butterfly, if you go running at it, it will fly to a new branch and you can keep on re-trying.

Frog 2/9

After putting in the red crystal on the right side podium, the frog will be in a log on the right of the island

Stacking Stones

After putting the red crystal on the left side of the podium, there will be a pile of rocks on the island, click on all the individual rocks and it stack them.

Level 3

Frog 3/9

Near the start of the level on the right side, in a log again

Mushroom Flip

At the end of the level there will be a yellow mushroom, when you interact with it you can squeeze it down. Doing so will cause it to act like a spring and go flying in the air doing a flip

Level 4

Moth Circle

After taking the elevator up, you will see some moths, click on all them.

Frog 4/9

Near the end of the level when you are doing tasks to make the stew, behind the house, by the giant fallen log on the back right, theres the frog.

Level 5

Frog 5/9

Turn around after spawning in, it will be behind you.

Level 6

Frog 6/9

Cross the bridge, and on the right is a log with the frog.

Lily Pads

After interacting with the frog location, the frog will jump on a lily pad and unlock your achievement.


After getting the key and unlocking the box, you can turn on the red lazer, this will raise and lower platforms. Lower one on to yourself.

Level 7

Frog 7/9

After the sun challenge, on the bottom of the ramp is the log with a frog.

Level 8

Frog 8/9

After the violin challenge, the frog is on the left side.

Level 9

Frog 9/9

Pass the exit to the level (the white orb), and it will be on the other side of the hill


At the end of level 9, there is a white orb, interact with that to beat the game, congratulations!

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