Endzone A World Apart: 100% Achievement Guide 2022

100% achievement guide. They are not broken! Scenario’s each give you one achievement by finishing. all the others can be gotten in one game of survival, on any setting. make sure you dont turn off Raiders. setting them on hard doesn’t appear to make them spawn any faster, it will just get you killed.
Survival Mode Easy Ones – dont even try
just forget about these, you will unlock them well getting others

Glimmer of Hope
Survival Mode: Have 50 settlers in one session.

Surviving 101
Survival Mode: Have 101 settlers in one session.

Is this Sparta?
Survival Mode: Have 300 settlers in one session.

A New Challenge!
Survival Mode: Have 400 settlers in one session.

A Growing Civilization
Survival Mode: Have 600 settlers in one session.

Just a Sip!
Survival Mode: Store 5.000 water in your settlement during one session.

Just a Snack!
Survival Mode: Store 5.000 food in your settlement during one session.

Into the wild
Survival Mode: Survive until season 30.

A new Beginning
Survival Mode: Survive until season 50.

There goes a Century
Survival Mode: Survive until season 100.

Against All Odds
Survival Mode: Survive until season 150.

And yet we Stand
Survival Mode: Survive your first drought.

An apple a day keeps the doc away!
Survival Mode: Cure 100 settlers in one session!

Let there be Light
Survival Mode: Enable Electricity in your settlement.

Pet Lover
Survival Mode: Run at least 5 Pastures in one session.

Survival Mode – Let The Pain Begin
It’s Over 9000!
Survival Mode: Store 10.000 water in your settlement during one session.

La Grande Bouffe
Survival Mode: Store 10.000 food in your settlement during one session.

Well Prepared!
Survival Mode: Construct 10 wells in one session.

A True Gyver
Survival Mode: Have a hunting lodge, a field, a plantation, a fishing hut, a gathering hut, a water tower, a boardwalk, a well and a rain collector.

We will survive!
Survival Mode: Survive until season 200.

Survival Mode: Have more than 40 production buildings.

Made of Stone!
Survival Mode: Survive 6 sandstorms in one session!
– you may want to reset and change the sandstorm settings to always

What to do with the drunken survivor?
Survival Mode: Brew 1000 ales in one session!
– this is Hard Liquor, made at the pub

Once upon a crime
Survival Mode: Roll 1000 joints in one session!

Lumberjack of all trades
Survival Mode: Collect 10.000 wood in one session.

Raiders of the lost scrap.
Survival Mode: Collect 10.000 scrap in one session.

A green Thumb
Survival Mode: Have 15 working irrigators in one session.

Pills Here!
Survival Mode: Produce or find 500 iodine tablets in one session.

Mistakes were made!
Survival Mode: Lose 200 settlers of starvation or thirst in one session.
– Save the game and stop making food and water

Give Tomorrow a reason!
Survival Mode: Over 300 children were born in one session.
– if you dont kill everybody trying to get Mistakes were made!, this is the next one you should go for. refill all those houses.

Knowledge is Power!
Survival Mode: Educate 200 settlers on one session.

Stuck in Peter Pan!
Survival Mode: Have more children than adults.
– got this by using the Decree Banish Elderly over and over

Nicola, is that you?!
Survival Mode: Have 30 buildings generating power in one session.
– slap Wind Turbines 20 all over the place and 10 Solar Collectors. also gives you the next two achievements.

Praise the Sun!
Survival Mode: Have 10 working Solar Collectors in one session.

Survival Mode: Have 10 working Wind Turbines in one session.

Let’s see what sticks
Survival Mode: Have 3 working Scrap Catchers in one session.

A True Salesperson!
Survival Mode: Complete 30 trades successfully in one session.

Everyone’s Darling
Survival Mode: Have every trader highly satisfied in one session.

I just don’t Care!
Survival Mode: Successfully complete 10 bad deals in one session.
– stick with 1 trader and just keep making 1 really good trade followed by one really bad trade.

The cake is NOT a Lie!
Survival Mode: Produce 10000 units of cake in one session.

A Wholesome Meal
Survival Mode: Produce 10000 units of stew in one session.

Survival Mode: Produce 200 units of Decontamination Kits in one session.

Location! Location! Location!
Survival Mode: Have a building with a local attractiveness of at least 100.
– this can be done by putting a bunch of decorations around a building

Arche Noah
Survival Mode: Have at least a pair of every animal type in one session.
– you can use capture on the hunting lodge for some of the animals but most likely you will need to trade for animals. (╯°□°)╯︵its random

It’s a trap!
Survival Mode: Have at least 50 blockades in one session.

A Shining Example!
Survival Mode: Have 1000 settlers in one session.

Pillar Of The Community
Leave feedback or report a bug! Either way, you are awesome!

What was that?
Survival Mode: Beat your first Raider encounter.

A Force to be Reckoned with!
Survival Mode: Beat 10 Raider encounters in one session.
– these last two are going to take AGES

Shut up and take my money!
Pay tribute to every raider in one session.

Survival Mode – Expedition
Ruins Of Old
Survival Mode: Guide an expedition to an old ruin and bring your explorers back home.

3.6 roentgen. Not bad, not terrible!
Survival Mode: Successfully sent an expedition to the nuclear power plant.

No stone left unturned!
Survival Mode: Find all Research utensils in one session.

Nah, maybe not!
Survival Mode: Cancel 20 expeditions in one game session.
– this one was just an annoying time waster.

– these three achievements are decoration buildings that need to be found on expeditions and built

Survival Mode: Find & Build the Pergola.

Never Forget!
Survival Mode: Find & Build the Memorial.

Our Pioneers
Survival Mode: Find & Build the Pioneer statue.

Scenario Achievments
Finish the main tutorial and graduate from the survival boot camp.

A gifted Student
Complete all available tutorials.

Scenario: The Bet
Complete the “The Bet” scenario.

Scenario: The Long Summer
Complete “The Long Summer” scenario.

Scenario: A New Hope
Complete “A New Hope” scenario.

Scenario: Shared Suffering
Complete “Shared Suffering” scenario.

Scenario: Rome wasn’t built in a day
Complete “Rome wasn’t built in a day” scenario.

Scenario: Desert Flower
Complete the “Desert Flower” scenario.

Scenario: Rainy Season
Complete the “Rainy Season” scenario.

Scenario: Garden Eden
Complete the “Garden Eden” scenario.

Scenario: Bleak Times
Complete the “Bleak Times” scenario.

Master of Disaster
Complete all available scenarios.

Scenario: Hunter and Hunted
Complete the “Hunter and Hunted” scenario.

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