Escape Dungeon 2: The Ultimate Guide

You will learn about everything in this game with this guide



This is the only guide that you will ever need for this game, everything that you encounter in the game could be found in this guide.

1 – Short Tips That Will Make The Game Easier.
2 – Abilities Guide
3 – Achievements Guide
4 – Unlocking CGs

1 – Tips

  • Your attack Range is 2 blocks that means you could slay at least one enemy at a time without being damages.
  • When getting a new skill upgrading your accuracy is the best choice.
  • Use 2x speed it saves a lot of time.

2- Abilities/Skill

Brief Intro
The difference between an Ability and a Skill is when you learn/upgrade it. The content is the same(accuracy, health, heal, brutal arrow…) In the menu you will learn abilities, and when you have already started a round what you learn is the skill.


  • Upgrade attack first, it is the fastest way to collect Memory Fragments(stuff you need to upgrade skills). In this period you will need to “Start” many times. (you don’t need to max out attack)
  • Defense is the second most important thing in the beginning part of this game. With better defense you wont need to spend extra money on health for the same effect.
  • Pre-assigned Skill Slots are the third most important thing in this game, it is very useful against boss and elite enemies.
    Recommended Pre-assigned Skill:
    – Hidden Arrow
    – Brutal Arrow
    – Piercing Arrow
    – Knockback Arrow
  • Skill Slots are the next most important thing to pass the level. It would be hard to pass the game without the max level of skill slots. Try to have a lot of Skill slots.

    The importance goes from top to bottom(top = most important, bottom = least important). You could ignore abilities once you max out some of them in the main menu.

    • Accuracy
    • Attack
    • Brutal Arrow / Piercing Arrow
    • Hidden Arrow
    • Vision
    • Haphazard Shot / Iron Rain
    • Poison Arrow / Ice Arrow
    • Restoration / Retaliate
    • Finesse / Proficiency

    Skills to Avoid:

    • Complete
    • Repeat
    • Close Quarters
    • Shield
    • Intimidate
    • Hawkeye

3 – Achievements

Memories Achievements:
You could unlock all of the memories with one button, where I will introduce in the 4th part, but to get the achievements you will have to kill at least one monster of each kind.

  • Money Grubbers: Unlock all Rat Memories to attain this achievement.
  • Awooooo!: Unlock all Werewolf Memories to attain this achievement.
  • Clack Clack Clack: Unlock all Skeleton Memories to attain this achievement.
  • Lord Qaron Memories:Unlock all Lord Qaron Memories to attain this achievement.
  • Beast Qaron Memories: Unlock all Beast Qaron Memories to attain this achievement.
  • Orc Ordeal: Unlock all Orc Memories to attain this achievement.
  • Unhinged: Unlock all Incubus Memories to attain this achievement.
  • Small Fry: Unlock all Goblin Memories to attain this achievement.
  • Existential Nonsense: Unlock all Mummy Memories to attain this achievement.
  • An Eye for You: Unlock all Cyclops Memories to attain this achievement.

A lot of people does not have the “An Eye for You” achievement because they did not kill any cyclops and then win the game. Unlocking all memories option will not give you the memory achievements if you never killed the specific type of monster.

Other Achievements:

  • First Loop: Die once
  • The 11st Floor: Finish 10th floor
  • The 21st Floor: Finish 20th floor
  • The 31st Floor: Finish 30th floor
  • You Did It! But: Kill the normal Lord Qaron
  • The Terrible Truth: Kill the normal Lord Qaron, enter the next level and make enough moves then Lord Qaron will show up again.
  • Choices… Choices…: Max out the Skill Selection choices in the ability page.
  • All the Skills: Max out Skill Tiers.
  • Attack Master: Max out Attack
  • You Did It Again! But…: Kill Beast Qaron one time and enter the next level.
  • Always Prepared: Max out the level for the Pre-assigned Skill Slot.
  • Skillful Warrior: Max out the skill slots
  • Successful Escape: literal meaning, win the game.
  • Crit Master: Max out the critical Rate.
  • Defense Master: Max out the Defense.
  • Healthy Elf: Max out Health.


After you have complete the Loop 12 times(dies 12 different times) then you could Options go down to Unlock all memories and get all of the memories. You could also go use the Assistance button every time you complete a loop to get a lot of Memory Shards, it will make your game easier.

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