Escape Lala: Walkthrough (All Coins Locations)

Walkthrough with text and pictures for those who doesn’t like videos (with all coins placements).


Escape Lala Walkthrough

Wake up in the cave and take first coin on the floor

Look in the hole in the wall and take another one

Go left. Take the sunstone and a gong stick. Beat the gong with the stick and take third coin in the puddle

Go right and then right again. Place the sun simbol in cube. Open mini game by pressing it.
Take fourth coin from the tower

Place a torch in the tower by holding and leading it along the road with the mouse and behold a new room. Fifth coin is in bush

Go right. Sixth coin is in blue flag on the ship

Go down. Rob knights and take a shield, a spear, a key and red gem from the ram’s eye.
Click on the closed door on the left. Solve the puzzle and enter. Go left and then left again.
Seventh coin is in bowl at the picture.

Hint: Every time when picture will change a new coin will appear in bowl

Look at the well. Another coin is there.

Take the bucket. Return up again. Proceed left. Coin is on the right bookcase.

Click on yellow book in the right bookcase in th third shelf and then click on white book in the left bookcase. Steal a stone heart from a statue. Use a spear to the nest on the column. First time you do it you got yellow gem. Do it again and take the next coin.

Go left. Eleventh coin is on the floor.

Look at the rathole. Use the spear twice to push orange gem.
Go right three times. Switch to the left mirror by clicking it. Return to rathole and take orange gem.
Go right four times. Then go up. Remember the bat from the nest? It’s on eagle now. Click it. Here’s another coin.

Go left until you reach the room with the puddle.
Use the shield on a stand. Use the bucket on the water and the stick on a shield. You will get a sword.
Go right twice. Go up by a ladder. Use a sword on a rope that holding the chest. Open the chest. Take the violet gem. Here’s another coin by the way.

Go down to the room with frozen knights. Go right. Use the bucket with water on a fire. Take a fire flower fruit. Go left three times. Take your coin from the bowl on a picture.

Go right to the throne room with the sun on the wall. Place a fire flower fruit in the center of the sun. Go left.
You will got four coins here, a handle and a blue gem from the sceletone’s arm.

Go right to the well. Take a nineteenth coin from the picture.

Use a handle on the well. Go down. Another coin is in blue mushrooms.

Go right. Take a green gem from the floor. And a coin from the upper crystal.

Return left. Use the bucket on the water. And then dive in.
Use a heart on a statue. Swim to the right. Another coin is in a jug.

Swim right and up. Take the indigo gem from the fish eye.
Return back to room with the well and take the last coin from the picture above.

Now you’ve got all the gems. Go right four times from here. Place all the gems in the holes.
Go right by the rainbow bridge and take another coin under the stone (click twice)

Take the plant. Go to room with the ship. Use a key on an eagle. The door will open. Go there.
New coin is in the hatch

Use a bucket on the soil. Here’s your last coin

Plant a herb. Take an anchor from the tree. Now you can escape from the cave.
Go to the very upper room with the chest. Take a rope. Combine a rope with an anchor and use it on the ray of light.

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