Escape Room The Sick Colleague Walkthrough (All Puzzles & Achievements Guide)

The purpose of this guide is to give the answers of all the puzzles of the game to get all achievements of the new content, so for obvious reasons, this guide contains a lot of spoilers, we recommend to play the game at your own way and, if you are stuck, can see the answer here.

Office Room | First Room

  • Go to the window with a box and pick up the key, open the desk.
    Desk offender Open the desk
  • Below the desk, there’s a puzzle, put the tiles on the next position: 3-4-1-2.
    Fashion czar Review the coat rack
  • Go to the top of the shelf and find a key, open the box with this one.
  • Pick up all the money on the room.
    Truffle pig Dig up the money
  • Put on the calculator 34.000.
    Mathematician Add up very large numbers
  • On the right of the desk, pick the knife and open the refrigerator.
    Mack the knife Open the fridge
  • Solve the slide puzzle putting the pieces like the image in the fridge.
    Stoic Solve the totally annoying puzzle
Photo Studio | Second Room
  • Before going down, take the recorder that it’s in the room.
  • In the left door, go to the sound panel and put 3-2-3 where 1 it’s the lower sound.
  • Take the recorder, activate it and put on the sound panel.
    Activator Activate the voice activator.
  • Before entering to the room, look at the panel and put the code 3 2 1 4 5 6 where the numbers are:
Power User Restore the computer’s electricity
  • Enter the room, go to the left and put 3738.
    Cell mate Walk into the cell
  • Go to the end of the room and press the red button.
    Imitator Pretend to be someone else
  • Put the next symbols on the panel with photos.

    Shadow player Find the right symbols
  • Go to the computer and put the password: DYGH.
    Hacker Gain access to the website

Lab | Third Room

  • Go to the other room of the hall and put the password: 87 67 89.
    Lord of the knobs Open the door with three knobs
  • Go to the microwave, put 1:45 min, press play and wait.
    Kitchen aide Open the microwave
  • Go to the medicine cabinet and put the password: 8734.
    Medic Open the medicine cabinet
  • Look at the Switch console and draw the following code with your cursor:

    Swiper Unlock the gaming handheld
  • Take the console, open the Egg Hunter app and go to the first room, press the three buttons in order to get:
    Egg hunter Find the right eggs
  • Go back to the lab and put in the last panel the password: 741329.
    Process Optimizer Open the rolling shutter
  • Press the green button and wait until the box is almost at the end of the convoyer belt.
  • Go inside the box and wait until the game finishes.
    Stowaway Sail the sea undetected
  • LOAD the previous save.
  • Let the box fall into the ship and SAVE again.
  • Jump in the ship for another ending.
    Escapist Take the easy way out

Secret Room

  • LOAD the previous save and jump here to the corner of the elevator:
  • Look at the water of the second picture and walk in the water just a little.
  • Look at the light wall and walk here:
  • To the right, you will see a stair; go upstairs.
  • There will be a couple of dark platforms that you have to jump until you reach the position of the last picture.
  • Close the game without saving again (You can press Alt + F4).
  • Open the game, LOAD the previous save and jump to the wall, you will discover a secret room and will get the final achievement.
    Stairway to heaven


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