Escape Simulator: “The Vanishing of Dr. Wraith” Walkthrough & Guide

Walkthrough Guide for iwonder’s room The Vanishing of Dr. Wraith. Spoiler Alert!!!



Hint #1- Find all 6 teardrops hidden around the room and place them in the teardrop shaped slots by the desk.

Answer #1- Teardrop in top right drawer of desk

Answer #2- Teardrop on chandelier bulb.

Answer #3- Teardrop in a loose floor panel by the door

Answer #4- Teardrop in a hidden panel in a pillar to the right of the mirror wall

Answer #5- Teardrop inside hat on hat stand

Answer #6- Teardrop behind painting


Hint #1- These pots look like they could hold something.

Answer #1- Place 3 plants in the vases to open cabinet.

Ancient Egypt

Hint #1- Press the buttons on the pedestal to rotate the red figures to match the blue ones.

Answer #1- When the red jars are all facing right, press the rightmost 3 buttons one time each.

Dark Ages

Hint #1- Solve the Ancient Egypt puzzle before attempting this one.

Hint #2- Read the notes in the display case for a clue.

Hint #3- Turn off the lights and walk around the room to find objects hidden on the walls. Then enter the objects found into the lock with corresponding colors.

Answer #1- Enter 4, 3, 3, 1 into the lock.

Otherworldly Tech

Hint #1- Solve the Dark Ages puzzle before attempting this one.

Hint #2- After pulling the hanging object in front of the case, grab the mirror when it’s teleporting around the room.

Answer #3- Grab the mirror when it’s on the wall just to the right of the door, that’s when it’s low enough to the ground to grab.

Mirror Wall

Hint #1- Place the mirrors received from Otherworldly Tech, teardrops and vases puzzles into their slots on the mirror wall.

Hint #2- Look in the sarcophagus for a clue for how to position the mirrors and if they should be broken or not.

Answer #1- Mirror 1- down and not broken, Mirror 2- down and broken, Mirror 3- up and broken, Mirror 4- down and not broken, Mirror 5- up and broken.


Hint #1- You hear knocking coming from the coffin. You should let that person know you’re there.

Answer #2- Knock on the coffin using the golden ram knocker

Request for Blood

Hint #1- Find something in the room that could pass for blood.

Hint #2- He asked for some of your ‘lovely red’ liquid. Do you see those words anywhere else in the room?

Answer #1- Use the candle ontop of the desk on one of the torches to light it, use the lit candle on the logs by the desk to get the water in the pot boiling. Then add the Lovely Red Flower Petals to the pot to make it turn red. Use the goblet on the red liquid to fill the goblet, then use the full goblet on the hole in the coffin to give him the fake blood. The gem given goes into the right eye socket of the skull by the headstones.

Upside Down Cross Mark

Hint #1- Looks like something used to hang on this wall.

Answer #1- Hang the cross found on the wall near the pot of water here.

Candle Tree

Hint #1- The page found after opening the right room shows you what you need to do in this room once you have opened it.

Hint #2- You need to fill this room with water to submerge the upside down cross made of candles.

Answer #3- Close the room to the left room by removing the blue gem. Then have the left riddle completed. The room will start to fill with water. Once it’s completely full, all of the candles will go out and the lever on the wall will be revealed.

Left Riddle

Hint #1- You’ll need to have the stash box (the box next to the piano) open to complete this puzzle.

Answer #1- Add the rain block (found in the stash box) to the left grave stone.

Right Riddle

Hint #1- You’ll need to have the grave stone cabinet open to complete this puzzle.

Answer #1- Add the Nothing block (found under the grave stones) to the right grave stone. You can now read Van Helsing’s notes by looking in the mirror behind it.

Piano Candles

Hint #1- Upside Down Cross Mark puzzle must be completed first.

Hint #2- Play all the chords in the piano book to light the candles against the wall. But which key to press in which order? Have you seen those colors elsewhere around the room?

Answer #1- Play the chords in order Blue, White, Red. The same order of the stones in the coffin’s base.

Blue Gem

Hint #1- Need to find a way to stop the rings from spinning. Maybe jam it up with something.

Answer #1- Put a crowbar, golden goblet, or piano foot pedal in the mechanism to stop them spinning so you can grab the gem.

Coffin Name

Hint #1- There’s a letter in the drawer of the desk of the large room that has some clues.

Hint #2- Figure out the names of the family members on the wall. Use the desk clue, and the plaques on the paintings as clues.

Hint #3- Family member names in clockwise order starting from the painting of the woman holding the dog: Blysh, Groft, Avicx, Dumen. Once you can correspond the letters of their names to the glyphs below the paintings, you can figure out what the man in the coffin’s name is.

Hint #4- Gadef

Hint #5- In the back left room, on the back of the tree, there’s a clue for what to do with the name once you have it.

Hint #6- Enter the name in the piano, using the clue found in the rear back room as a guide for low/high octave, and normal or sharp.

Hint #7- On the piano press these keys in this order: G# A D# E F#

Coffin Gold Spaces

Hint #1- Coffin name puzzle must be completed first.

Answer #1- Place the garlic found in the stash box (box to the left of the piano) in the 6 slots around the coffin.


Hint #1- Candle Tree and Coffin name puzzles must be completed first.

Hint #2- Need to get sunlight into the room somehow.

Hint #3- Use the Crowbar found in the stash box (box to the left of the piano) on the boards covering the window.

Hint #4- Rotate the pillars to shine light onto the coffin.

Answer #1 Pull the lever revealed from the Candle Tree Puzzle. Then press the button on these pillars once: The three pillars on the window side, and the pillar on the other side closest to the coffin.

Coffin Combination

Hint #1- You’ll need to smoke the combination with scribbles on it before you can read it.

Hint #2- After completing the Pillars, Coffin Gold Spaces, and Candle Tree puzzles, the coffin will start to smoke. Place the ticket into the smoke to get the combination.

Hint #3- Count the number of objects that correspond to the images on the combination ticket and enter them in the coffin lock.

Answer #1- 9, 4 (lit black candles, 4 on the piano), 4 (broken mirrors, 3 on the mirror wall, 1 on a pillar), 6 (white gems along the base of the coffin), 2 (crows)

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