Escape the Backrooms: Walkthrough & Guide

This will show you how to complete every level!


Level 0 | The Lobby

Before we actually get into on how to escape Level 0, I need to clarify that there are multiple spawn locations and that the map is pre built, not randomly generated however spawns and exits are.

As of now i only know 3 Spawns and 1 exit

Once you have spawned you want to find a flickering light

1-2. There are 2 spawns like this that are in fact with in the same space
Spawn 1: Take a left to find yourself close to a dark unlit area
Spawn 2: Take a right to find yourself far for the dark unlit area
Don’t enter the dark unlit area instead take a straight left and you should be near a flickering light

3. This will be very close to the flickering lights

Once you have spawned you want to find this flickering light.

After you have found this flickering light, you want to reach the back wall (of the image)
and follow these directions:

  • continue left the from back wall
  • take the first right till your forced to take a left
  • take the first right and run down till your forced to go left again

You should now have entered this room.

Now go down and look right, you should see a ladder.
walk into it and you’re done

You have completed Level 0!

Note: There might be another exit as of this exit has a chance of not spawning the ladder
will edit this later for new exit when found

Level 1 | Habitable Zone

  • Once you spawn you want to quickly enter one of these lit areas
    These lit areas will protect you from Smilers as that they do not enter lit areas

  • The lights will flicker and give off a haunting ambience, after either less then a second or few seconds the lights will go out, Smilers will appear and chase you. After 7 seconds the lights will turn on causing you to be safe to walk around and not see Smilers

  • Once you have entered a lit area you will see a door to your left and your right
  • Open both doors to find a tunnel with pipes
  • If the door has nothing on the other side then go to the next lit area and open the 2 doors there
    Repeat this step till you find the tunnel with pipes

  • Once you found the tunnel with pipes, walk through it.

You have completed Level 1!

Level 2 | Pipe Dream

This level is VERY easy.

  • All you have to do from spawn is walk right
    (Not left because after a minute you will reach a dead end)
  • In about 2 minutes your character will pull out a flash light meaning your close,
  • After your out of the darkness a smiler will start to chase you from behind.
    (You now have infinite sprint till you reach the end of the level)
  • Start running till you see colourful lights coming out a door way
  • Enter it and touch the ladder

You have completed Level 2!

Level Fun

This level is a bit annoying to do and hard to make a detailed guide for this.

  • From spawn go fowards till you see this point, take a right.

  • Crouch around the wall to avoid the Partygoers and get to the back hall.

  • Remember the hall on your left, walk forwards till the Partygoers start chasing you.

  • Now run through that hall i mentioned and crouch under the table,

    This will cause the Partygoers to be out of place.

  • Now go back and actually walk through the hall.
  • There will be a hall to your left and a Partygoer, Now sprint and take the first right and
    get under a table till the music comes back.

  • Crouch around the right wall to avoid the Partygoer and continue down the hallway.

  • Once you get here you need to run and crouch under the left table.

  • Crouch your way to the other end of the table then Sprint to the other table and crouch.
    This can be a hard thing to do.

  • Now run for your life because all the Partygoers are chasing you.
    You now have infinite sprint again till the end of the level.
  • You will eventually see this button, run up to it and click.

You have completed Level Fun!

The Poolrooms

  • From spawn walk forwards and take the hall on your left.

  • Go through 2 doorways and take a right.

  • You should have entered this room.

  • Take a right and continue down till you’re in this room.

  • Go straight forwards and then take a left once you hit a wall, you should come up against a hall.
    (or just cut straight through by going a 45 degree angle to the left from the entrance)

  • Continue down till you see a red light a blue slide.

  • Go up to the door with the red light.

You have completed the Poolrooms!

Run for your life!

  • The title and level name is called RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

  • Once you have walked through a Smiler and a bunch of Partygoers
    will start to chase you.

  • You have infinite sprint again so start running straight forwards avoiding every obstacle
  • You will eventually see a dark blue door, walk into it and fall

Congratulations, You have Ran for you life!

The End

This is the hardest level to do because how stupid monsters ai works,
You will die like 50 times maybe.

To avoid the monster:

  • Be crouched
  • Picking up casset tape close to the monster will attract it
  • Don’t be near it

To the actual steps now:

  • Once you spawn run to the computer in the middle till it turns on.

  • Carefully go around the map and pick up all 24 casset tapes.
    The computer will show you how many you have remaining to pick up.

  • Head over to the computer after picking up all casset tapes and then a video
    will play for about 2 minutes. The monster will despawn when casset tapes are put in.

  • A white ring portal will appear after the video ends, Just walk into it.

You have completed The End!

Level 9223372036854775807

This one is simple as hell.

  • When you spawn go up the stairs

  • Go up till the number on the wall turns into the infinity symbol ∞.
    The 100th floor will show the infinity symbol ∞ so go up 100 floors.

  • After your at infinity ∞, Jump down the middle of the stairs and aim for the blueish circle,
    But don’t touch any stairs while falling.

You have completed Level 9223372036854775807 and also this game!

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