Escape until friday: Achievement Guide 2021

A quick and hopefully easy-to-follow achievement guide. Contains spoilers.


This is a quick achievement guide which due to its very nature may contain both general and major spoilers. So be warned. If it’s not detailed enough or any of the information happens to be wrong, feel free to correct me 🙂

Things worth keeping in mind: the locations of the items are semi-randomly generated each day (I say semi as there are usual places you can pinpoint for certain collectibles) as are the codes needed to unlock the safe and the padlock during different playthroughs.

With that out of the way, let’s start off with the easiest one:

Well, that’s Friday
Simply survive till the final day. Eat your veggies, catch your beauty sleep, mouth off to your captor to your heart’s content, and wait your time out until the last day rolls around without doing anything of consequence. Easy enough.

You may of course explore the house in the meantime, just keep in mind you might not last long enough if you get the lights knocked out of you one time too many. But what are the painkillers for, right?

Self-explanatory. Escape your captivity by any means necessary. Be it by appealing to your captor’s better nature and walking away free on Friday with his blessing, exacting justice on the man by way of murder in self-defense, finding a hidden passage underneath the shed, or simply driving away in his car (convenient? getting inside the aforementioned car may be the tricky part though).

Personally, I found the latter to be the easiest route. In short, this will require collecting the fuse (most likely place to spawn: small container outside the house), fuel for the car (found either outside the house behind the shed or on the first floor during the short route from the stairs to the kitchen), garage door remote (search the bathroom) and, obviously, the car keys (for that you gotta venture upstairs I’m afraid, it will be hidden in the study, the first drawer of the desk, make sure you have the key on you to unlock the door).

Once you’re equipped with everything make your way to your destination. The remote will inevitably fail on the first try so do not get caught unaware by the resulting noise, hide quickly behind the garage instead. Once the coast is clear, replace the blown fuse on the circuit board and attempt to open the garage door once again attracting your captor’s attention in the process. You know what to do. Wait a moment in your hiding spot. Now you can finally enter the garage (don’t forget to refuel before starting the car) and ride off into the sunset. Hooray! Ignore the uneasy feeling in the back of your mind, you’re free.

While you were busy collecting the car keys in the study on the second floor you might have noticed the safe hidden among the bookshelves there. This achievement will unlock when you manage to open it.

Unfortunately, unlike with the padlock and the scattered notes related to it, the code for the safe is not written down anywhere. Your only source of information is the maniac who locked you down in the basement, to begin with. But, with a little time, discretion, and good diplomacy on your part you will be able to get it out of him.

First things first, appear to be on your best behavior in order to gain a little trust from him and lend your words some credibility. Don’t get cheeky and do not under any circumstances get caught during your wanderings outside the basement. No worries as there is some room for error here though. Even when noticed and chased by your captor, as long as you can shake him off, your misconduct won’t be acknowledged.

With a frail bond formed between you two, he will be more likely to answer you honestly. In order to ask the right question though, we will need intel. It’s important you find what you need, namely a single diary page, before Thursday or you’ll lose your window of opportunity. It will randomly spawn somewhere, anywhere really, on the second floor or in the attic, either tucked away in a drawer or laid out in the open on the desk or other furniture. Whether hidden behind locked or unlocked doors will depend solely on your luck (better collect as many keys as possible, just in case).

With all the groundwork laid and your good-for-nothing cellphone at the ready, you can ask away. The important date in the man’s life will turn out to be the key…

The killer
…giving you access to a secret space behind the other bookshelf – ta-dah! – and your hard-earned prize. At last.

Filled with the rush of empowerment and vindictiveness, you grab the gun, promptly ignoring the newspaper, and load it with the bullets you must have previously collected, what with them almost lying about just asking to be picked.

The first opportunity you get, you pull the trigger, aiming at the bastard’s head.

Stockholm syndrome
Or you rise above your base instincts. There’s no need to spill any more blood.
There’s also something about your captor that just won’t stop nagging at you. The newspaper article somewhat disconcerting.

Uncertain yet steadfast you return to the basement. Whatever happens next you will find out the truth on Friday morning.

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