Eversion: Simple Guide for What Have You Done Achievement

This guide will show you a simple way how to get this achievement. There are other ways to get this achievement, but a lot of them have since no longer worked. This method has worked for me.

Do note you will need Notepad++.


The Entire Set Up

– Open your Eversion Properties in your local file. (Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/common/Eversion/maps).

– Go to maps and open up the “area1.map” file with Notepad++. You will see random letters in black, but no need to worry.

– Delete any line. I went with Line 4.

– Launch the game, the loading screen will freeze and the achievement should show up. After a few seconds the game will crash, which is intended as shown.

– Once you get the achievement, uninstall and reinstall the game and you’re done! Just know that when you boot the game up again, you will have to readjust your controls.

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