Falcon Age: 100% Achievement Guide

In the following guide I will go over every achievement there is in the game. You can 100% the game in your first playthrough in around 6h.
For the whole guide: SPOILER ALERT


Unmissable Story-Related Achievements

These can’t be missed when following the main storyline.

  • Open Sky:
    Escape from the prison.
  • Eliya:
    Shut down the refinery “Eliya”.
  • Sand Queen:
    Follow Asoka’s plea for sandwolf bones. Send out the bird and whack the wolf to stun it.
  • Uda:
    Shut down the refinery “Uda”.
  • Uva:
    Shut down the refinery “Uva”.
  • Port Loop:
    Save your auntie from Port Loop.
  • Fly Free:
    Go on and break your heart as you unequip your falcon and let her fly away…

Basically Impossible To Miss

These achievements are hard to miss because you either get in danger if you don’t defeat the required enemies or a NPC tells you to do these things.

  • Grounded:
    Defeat a drone.
    One of these can be found right after escaping the prison, but any of the many drones count. Send your falcon out and pummel the fallen drone with your lighting stick until it breaks apart.
  • Disassembled:
    Defeat any sentry.
    Send out the falcon and when the sentry is hanging in the air hit it to pieces. (The very first sentry inside the prison does not count!
  • Heavy Metal:
    Defeat any heavy sentry.
    You will encounter your first heavy sentry at the Uda refinery. Watch out for the lasers – keep moving – and for the spiderbots it spawns. Stun its head with a pull of your lightning whip and send the bird out. She will open a part of the head of the heavy sentry which you will need to hit over and over. Keep the spiders in mind, though!
  • Return to the Nest:
    Blow up spider spawner with a spider bomb.
    I am putting this achievement into this category because, like me, you will get this on accident. If not, command your falcon to attack a spiderbot. She will tear its legs off and fly up with the body. Now you need to send her to the spider spawner. She will drop the spider which will act like a bomb and destroy the spawner.
  • Home Cooked:
    Feed your falcon a crafted snack.
    For this you need to follow your aunties quest to fetch some red peppers and rabbid meat. Afterwards put three red peppers into the cooker next to the tent, close it, take the snack and feed it to your bird.

Collectibles & Cooking

  • Garden Bird:
    Farm for the first time.
    Just plant any vegetable you found into the farming soil at Eilya refinery (after you shut it down and bombed the farm open).
  • Birdfeeder:
    Collect all vegetables and fruit found across the game. Here’s a map with one location for each:

  • Nighthawk:
    Open a buried lockbox.
    For this you will need digging claws. In the outpost Alma is a man inside a tent on a field bed. Talk to him, accept his quest and get the digging claws. Equip them on your falcon and look around for half-buried boxes. Send out your falcon and let her dig up the box, which you can unlock via your lightning whip.
  • Hopped Up:
    Craft a rabbid snack. You need to put these ingredients into a cooker:
  • Cold Cut:
    Craft a lizard snack. You need to put these ingredients into a cooker:
  • Chevon:
    Craft a goat snack. You need to put these ingredients into a cooker:
  • Outfoxed:
    Craft a fox snack. You need to put these ingredients into a cooker:
  • Mahawa Fried Chicken:
    Craft a chicken snack. You need to put these ingredients into a cooker:

Here’s a map showing you one location for each animal:


For these achievements you will need to play the three different minigames and win at them. Here’s a map for where to find them. Talk to the person standing in these spots to start their respective minigame.

  • Hot Drop:
    Complete the bomb minigame at refinery Eilya in under one minute.
    Make sure your falcon is with you when you start the game. Take a bomb from your inventory, give it to her and let her fly to one of the targets. Recall her as soon as she dropped the bomb to save the most time and STAND STILL. If the bird misses a landing attempt on you, you are going to lose time. Repeat this for all targets.
  • Birdie?:
    Complete the lightning golf minigame at refinery Eilya without needing more then 20 whips in total.
    Don’t worry if you can’t hit one hole with a par, only the total count matters. You can get a headstart if you position yourself between the start and the first hole and pull the ball with full power. After some practise, you will get hole in one almost every time. For the others don’t forget to pull sideways as well and use the walls to bounce off.
  • Raptor Retriever:
    Complete the fetch minigame at kissing rocks in under 2min 30sec.
    Make sure your falcon is with you at the start and send her out to the mushrooms high up. When she has grabbed one, hold down <interact with falcon> and then press <recall falcon> for her to drop the mushroom onto you. As soon as the shroom is falling, command her to the next mushroom. Repeat.

Falcon Commands

These achievements require you to interact with your falcon in one way or another.

  • Affectionate:
    Pet your falcon for one minute. Let her sit on your hand and HOLD DOWN <interact with falcon> until the achievement pops up. You can walk while doing this but won’t be able to fight.
  • Sky Delivery:
    Let your falcon drop something in your hand while flying by. For this, you need to give her an item of any kind, send her out somewhere and then hold down <interact with falcon> and press <recall falcon> once. She will drop the item to you.
  • Snatched:
    Let your falcon snatch one item from your hand while flying. You need to send out the falcon, take one item into your hand. Then hold down <interact with falcon> and press <recall falcon> for her to snatch the item from you.

Falcon Fashion

These achievements require you to purchase and equip fashion items from Asoka at outpost Alma. Sell her every piece of ore or scrap parts you have.
You can lower her prices by 20% when wearing the bowler hat and eating green snacks.

  • Penguin:
    Equip the monocle, bow tie and bowler hat at once.
    Asoka’s Shop: Monocle 300/240
    Asoka’s Shop: Bow Tie 750/600
    The bowler hat is the reward for completing the “Birdie?” minigame achievement.
  • Hot Wings:
    Feed your falcon a spicy red bun while she is wearing the dragon helmet.
    The dragon helmet can be purcased from Asoka’s shop for 3000/2300.
    The spicy red bun can be cooked from three red peppers.

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