Fate of Kai: 100% Achievements Guide

This guidance includes requirements to unlock all achievements, along with key steps to solve the puzzles. NO spoiler includes.


Main Story Achievements

9 of the all 12 achievements of this game can be unlocked automatically when you reach a certain checkpoint, which are listed as follows. If you’re having trouble solving the puzzles, head to YouTube or other websites for tips, or just leave a comment here.

Other Achievements

  • Sherlock Kai

    Open each door in chapter 6 to read comics in the room. Kai will fall asleep in the comic room, so open the next door in the next round.

  • Persistent dreamer

    Fill the previous blank with “FOLLOW TUNE” , then use “ACCEPT”, “FIGHT”, “RUN”, and “JUMP” respectively in the following blank and finish the dream. (The sequence of the four dreams is not important.)

  • Fan of Kai

    After finishing the game, launch the game again, select any chapter and get in.

By Tranquillity

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