Fears to Fathom Episode 1: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

This is an optimized step-by-step walkthrough of the game.
Only Episode 1 is available so far, more content will likely be added in the future.


Episode 1

This game doesn’t feature a save system, so keep that in mind. And one of the achievements requires the use of a microphone.

(you can skip the intro text with Left Click)

  • When you wake up, turn off the alarm and press Space to get up.
  • Press Esc and scroll through both chats.


  • Read the chats
  • Go down the stairs and open the fridge.
  • Pick up the lasagna, close the fridge, and put the lasagna inside the oven.
  • Wait until it’s heated up.
  • Go to the living room, open the TV (by clicking on the screen) and sit down on the couch.
  • Look at the lasagna and keep clicking until you’re finished eating.
  • Press Space to get up and turn off the TV.
  • Go upstairs inside your room. Sit on the chair and click on the book.
  • Get up, close the door, and go to bed.
  • Go down the stairs and open the fridge.
  • Take the bottle of water, close the fridge, and drink it on Right Click.
  • Go upstairs back into your room.
  • When you’re in front of your bed, you’ll receive a new message.
  • Check the message and go downstairs.
  • Take a peek at the window (left of the entrance) and you’ll see a man outside.
  • Heavily cough (or talk) in your microphone for a missable. If done correctly, the man will start looking in your direction. But he won’t come inside, so don’t be afraid.


  • Alert NPCs
  • Go back to your room, close the door behind you, and hide under your bed until you hear a window breaking.
    Note: If you don’t close your room’s door, the story won’t advance.
  • Get up and go outside your room.
    (Warning: The man from the window is now inside your parent’s room. He can kill you if you advance too far ahead. If you die here, you’ll have to restart from the beginning.)
  • As soon as you see the parent’s room opening, rush back to your room, close the door behind you and hide under your bed.
  • When you hear a police siren’s sound, get up from your bed.


  • Survive through the first episode

Congratulations on your Episode 1 completion!

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