Fears to Fathom – Ironbark Lookout: Achievment Guide 100%

In this guide I will explain how you can get all achievments in the fourth episode of Fears To Fathom.



This achievment can be obtained during the drive at the beginning of the game. Simply start a new game to get to that point.

This achievment can be unlocked once you reach the dinner. Simply talk to the gentleman in the parking lot, marked in this picture.


This achievment can be unlocked right after the last, simply eat at the diner and once you have to pay, choose to tip the waitress 50%.

Top of the Mornin’

This achievment can be unlocked during the chapter “First Night”.

Depending on your resolution the file might be off-screen, like in the picture shown below

Once you turn on the generator head up your tower and sit down at the table. Once you login to the computer there will be filled called “Training.mp4” at the top right corner of your desktop. Open it, and watch the entire video to unlock this achievment.

Sharp Shooter

Just like the last one, this achievment can also be obtained in the chapter “First Night”.

Open Plague.exe on the computer in your tower and earn a score of over 500. If you go for headshots you should get this within a few minutes.

Survivor [Spoilers]

This achievment isn’t all that bad, once you know what to do.

You can (to my knowledge) only die on two occasions, but both times you have more than enough time to react to the situation correctly.

When you get woken up at 2:27am and see a weird shadow on the wall, simply look to the window behind your bed, which should make the shadow vanish and then proceed to hide under your bed.
You should then hear footsteps leaving the tower and once they are gone you can get out from under the bed and go on with the night.

The second time you can die is right at the end, after angering the cultists. Once you take a picture of them, one cultist will come running towards your tower, but once again, hiding under the bed and keeping quiet is enough to get him to leave. Once you try to leave the tower the cultist will be standing on the other side of the wooden platform and will start to give chase, but he can once again be lost by hiding, only this time you need to run down the stairs and hide in the porta-potty (toilet).
After the cultist snoops around and eventually leaves make a run for the path you used to get to your tower at the start of the game. Once you transition to the part where you left your RV, keep running as the cultist is still behind you. You just need to get into your RV, close the door and try to drive off to escape the cultist and survive.

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