Fight Angel Special Edition: 100% Achievement Guide

This guide is about how to get all achievements in Fight Angel Special Edition specially for achievement hunters



• Difficulty level of achievements: Easy.
• Total achievements: 8 (100%)
• Offline achievements: 8. (100%)
• Online Achievements: 0.
• Estimated time to complete all achievements: under 5 hours.
• Required DLCs for 100% achievements: none

General game achievements

Fighting Entertainment
Have your first fight outside of Training modes.

All you have to do is to finish any match (win or lose) in such modes as: Story, Arcade or Versus

Customize to create a new role

Choose «Optimization» in main menu and then just make your own character and save it

KO opponents in a round, without any harm.

Each fight in the game lasts up to two wins. You only need to win ONE of the rounds in such a way that you have a full health bar and the enemy does not inflict any damage on you.
Easy to do on the first level in Arcade or Versus

Game mode achievements

Clear 1 course in Arcade mode.

Clear 1 course in Story mode.

Clear 1 course in Arcade mode with your custom character.

Excellent Beginner
Clear the training levels.

Complete a local Versus mode.

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