Fire Tonight Walkthrough (100% Collectible & Achievement Guide)

Fire Tonight has 8 achievements, 4 awarded for storyline, 4 could be missed. This guide helps with the 4 missable with screenshoots and the guide also offers a video walkthrough.


General Information
Perfection difficulty: 1/10
Required walkthroughs: 1
Missable achievements: YES
Perfection Time: 45-60mins
Game completion time: 40-50mins
Level select available? YES
Missed collectibles collectable for “get all” type of achievements? YES
Does it require to get all achievements in one single walkthrough? NO

Video walkthrough
I got the memory collection and perfection achievements during chapter 1 on this edited video recording, as missed an item the first time. However, the video playthrough should reward 100% achievements if it is followed.

Level 1

Interact with every object highlighted in this section for Stroll down memory Lane and Perfection achievements:

The green marked is behind the pillar, not visible on the picture. It is a shoes on the power cable between the 2 houses above the road.

Interact with the fountain before using the 3rd phone booth. You might need to interact once if you already found the 3rd phone booth and you need to get a coin for it. You need to get a memory reference which invole Devlin.

Level 2

Interact with every object once, do not use green marked area, the window, when it becomes available, only once all other item used.

Level 3

Level 4

Use every single tape on the radio.

Use the remote switch multiple times until you go through every single TV channel.
Use the flower 3 times.
Use the CDs first on the top shelf(near the green plushy) and then when you use the console a game will be launched on the television. Clicking on the controller will make the character jump. You need to get 10 points to win (17:00 on YT video):

Which will result in:

8-bit Champion
Won Devin’s video game

Level 5

Level 6

Green marked is not visible from this angle. That is the black cat which is a clock on the wall.Interact with every object before clicking on the door. Once done, you should get if you interected with all items previously:Thorough
Looked at everything in Devin’s apartment

Level 8

Once you interacted with all the highlighted items now you should get the following achievements:Stroll down memory lane
Found all of Maya’s memories across the cityPerfection

If you not managed to get all in one go, and you need to use Level Select then it is possible you wont get the achievement while you collecting the missed one. For me it is unlocked when i replayed level 1 and interacted with the fountain, which i used previously. Not sure why happened it this way, but if you experiencing the same or something different, please share it in the guide. Thanks

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