Five Nations: Campaign Achievement Guide

A guide for acquiring achievements exclusive to the Campaign mode of Five Nations.

NOTE – All achievements performed in Story difficulty.


Prologue Mission Achievements

  • Vargas Express – Complete Prologue Mission 1 – “Operation Broad Jump” in under 3 minutes.

    This is easily doable by the use of the UFN Pacific’s Warp Drive, which makes the Pacific faster and can outrun a great deal of the enemy defenders, but it’ll disable the Pacific’s shields. To mitigate damage and avoid a fatal scenario, use the Joseon’s Camouflage ability on the Pacific.

  • Stop Calling Me Tiffany – Build up to 8 Trinity class ships in Prologue Mission 2 – “Home too Far”

    Aside from the obvious “The Matrix Ressurections” reference, the Trinity is useful as a drone carrier, whose drones will distract most Sylon defenders as you get your Orcas in place. In addition, each Trinity’s hangar can house two Hurricanes each, in addition to the 12 Hurricanes the UFN Pacific can house.

    Trinities require an Ordnance Facility, which is available after building a Research Facility, and cost 150 Metal, 150 Helium-3, 150 Energy, consume 4 Supply and take over 40 seconds to build. To aid in production, an expansion to the North of the starting point (which is also uncomfortably close to the south entrance to the Sylon northern base) can be taken. Build and settle a Kutuzov by the south of the resource asteroid field, if positioned right, the range should allow for Barricade Sats and KEIKO sentries to be built for defense.

  • O.Keiko. Corral – Build a defensive line of at least 6 KEIKO Sentries in Prologue Mission 3 – “Pandora”

    Following the clean-up of the assigned Sylon position at the mission start, this achievement can be done fairly easily with focusing on mining Metal. KEIKO Sentries cost 150 Metal and require only a Research Facility. KEIKO sentries are ideal anti-ship defense stations, especially in safeguarding expansions, requiring only Barricade Sats for cover against fighters.

  • Pandora’s Box – Bring the Pandora cargo ship to the Athrael base within the first 3 minutes of Prologue Mission 4 – “The Deal”

    Like the Prologue mission 1, this is reliant on the UFN Pacific’s Warp Drive ability, with the exception there’s no Joseon this time to camouflage. Simply take the Pacific to the Athrael base and then use it’s Recall ability on the Pandora.

Chapter 1 – Hostile Visitors Mission Achievements I

  • Hurricane Season – Create a squadron of 18 Hurricanes in Chapter 1 Mission 1 – “Distress Call”.

    Despite being the first mission of the Chapter, this achievement is a challenge as there is a ‘soft timer’ in regards to the enemy attack waves, so timing and precision are everything.

    After reclaiming the base and acquiring the Engineer shuttles, immediately increase Engineer shuttle count to 10, microing the Engineer Shuttles to the Metal Asteroids so they won’t waste seconds looking for asteroids to mine. As you reach 100 Metal, build a Supply Silo and crank out the Hurricanes non-stop with the ‘N’ hotkey as the Ship Factory is selected.

    It’s possible that, when the final attack wave comes due North of the base and right into the asteroid field, you might have to delay a bit and take some damage until all the needed Hurricanes for the achievement are built. But above all, be patient, as it can take several tries to acquire this achievement.

  • Meltdown – Destroy a Fusion Reactor without destroying any of the KEIKO Sentries in Chapter 1 Mission 2 – “The Cavalry has Arrived”.

    The very first reactor by the beginning of the mission is a very much easy target. Simply stash the Hurricanes at the back and group both the Trinity and the Orcas in a group, advancing the group to the Fusion Reactor. You’ll face resistance of only one Pirate Cargo Ship, which your Orcas should handle easily. Send the Trinity to the reactor first, and as it takes fire from the KEIKO Sentry, use the Trinity’s EMP Charge on it, disabling it. Then, send in the Orcas and have them and the Trinity focus fire on the Reactor, just watching out that the Orcas or the Trinity don’t have the KEIKO on their line of fire. Also, don’t be too close when it goes Ka-blamo.

  • Repair master – One Pasteur unit must survive the Chapter 1 Mission 3 – “Bear Rock”.

    There’s not much mystery to it, simply advance slow and carefully, taking your time and letting the Trinity take most of the hits, always keeping the Pasteur on the back to do repairs. When it comes to facing off the Black Caesar, use the Trinity’s EMP Charge on it and take it down.

  • Unite the forces – Find all units willing to join you in Chapter 1 Mission 4 – “Point Custer”.

    The best chance to ever finding all units is to use your Hurricanes, as they can fly through most of the obstacles. Your other units – the Orcas and the Trinity – Can take care of themselves for a while, provided you look after the only available Pasteur for the moment.

    The two bases that can should be rescued are right in the path to the final objective, which is the Sylon base by the Southwest corner. The first is right by your starting position and the other is right at the ‘mouth’ of the asteroid corridor, after you’ve had some run-ins with the Sylons.

    The first group to be found is a trio of Hurricanes by the southwest of the rescuable base, right by your starting position.

    The second group is a trio of Engineer Shuttles and an Icarus, to the southeast of the Federation Ship wreckages, to the right before the first Sylon checkpoint you’ll inevitably engage.

  • Storm Them! – Create a fleet of 10 Hailstorms in Chapter 1 Mission 5 – “Convoys to Salvation”.

    The Hailstorm is arguably the best (and overpowered) unit in Five Nations, as it can fire volleys of missiles that ignore obstacles (including defensive structures), has lots of shields and hull and can detect enemy cloaked units. It’s sole vulnerability is Fighters, thus still requiring some Orcas as escorts.

    Hailstorms require the Astro-Telescope, which costs 100 Metal and 200 Helium-3, while Hailstorms themselves cost 200 Metal, 125 Helium-3 and consume 5 Supply. Speaking of which, this is one mission which you don’t need worry on Supply and Energy, just get the resources and the cruisers. Your best chance is saturating your asteroid fields with Engineer Shuttles and assigning two Icarus per Mining Station.

  • Sylon Can’t Jump – Beat the Chapter 1 Mission 6 – “The Bargain” in under 15 minutes.

    For this achievement, you’ll want to rescue as most Black Swan (red) units as possible as well as reach the pirate base and get the stolen Icarus ships to get yourself at least the Khan Battleship that’ll pummel through most Sylon defenses east of the pirate base.

    For starters, divert to southwest, close to the starting position, where you’ll get the first 3 Gunboats, excellent against fighters, and a much needed Pasteur ship. Then, get to the southwest again, avoiding the checkpoint of the two Aegii, where there’s a side-route guarded by a small Sylon attack force conveniently close to a plasmoid. To further help, use the Joseon’s EMP missile, as it paralyses enemy units in a small radius.

    After reaching the Pirate base, send any ship (preferably Colburne’s Ulysses) past the radiation nebula (the red storm cloud fields) to find one Pirate Icarus (armed) and two other Icarii full of resources. Get the Icarii back to base to get the resources and immediately get the Khan Battleship. Invest the remaining resources on units or weapon/armor upgrades. Meanwhile, send the other ships to engage the Sylon flotilla west of the Pirate base, preferably using the Trinity’s abilities to help, and blast off at least the central volcanic asteroid blocking the way to the sole Pirate Icarus.

    Once the Khan is finished, gather the group and start heading Northeast of the Pirate base. This is the most heavily defended route, but also the shortest path to the Jump Gate. Have the Khan take most of the hits as you use the Joseon to EMP one of the two defending Arsons and get the remainder to shoot the defenses down. Focus especially the Arsons and try avoiding most of their fire to prevent heavy losses.

    Past the first checkpoint is another guarded by an Aegis, two Cauldrons and some Leech Mines. The Trinity’s Flechette missile can handle the mines easily, and the Cauldrons, like all units, can be neutralized with a well timed Joseon EMP. After that, there are two separate Sylon groups – one close to the east corner with Twinblades, and a Gloom, and another with a Twinblade, an Absorber and an Arson. You can choose to engage them or simply camouflage a Gunboat and have it fly past it to the Jump Gate.

  • Forward base – Deploy a new Command Station in Chapter 1 Mission 7 – “Siege Breakers”.

    You’ll already start the mission with a Merchantport, so you’ll only have to focus on getting the Kutuzov out of it. Kutuzov’s, as they’re the primary expansion ships (as they deploy into Command Stations), are expensive on Metal, Supplies and energy, but you should definitely get them for several reasons – while you can build Mining Stations outside their building radius, you can’t build stationary defenses or supply buildings to barricade them, plus you’ll also want to avoid long distance hauling from your Icarus. Also, Kutuzov’s that deploy into Command Stations already prove 30 Supply themselves and generate 2 Energy, effectively returning the investments.

    Kutuzov’s cost 350 Metal, 350 Energy and consume 10 Supply. An ideal deployment is right next to your base, by the Metal and Tachyon Asteroid field.

  • Let’s nuke the bastards! – Kill at least 20 units with Nuclear Missiles in Chapter 1 Mission 8 – “Operation Gaugamela”.

    There’s not much mystery with this achievement but knowing the timing and opportunity to use the Teller Cruiser’s Nuclear Missile ability. It does cover a large area and deals much damage, and the best chance to use it when the Sylon attack waves are underway. Perhaps an Astro-Telescope or two may need to serve as bait for the ability to be effective.

    Only mind to be careful to not have friendly units too close, and having them be nuked isn’t funny at all.

Chapter 1 – Hostile Visitors Mission Achievements II

  • Wormholes – Destroy 1 Wormhole Generator in under 4 minutes in Chapter 1 Mission 9 – “Blackout”.

    Your target for this achievement is the Wormhole Generator by the center of the map, so gather all your group and head north-east where the generator is. You’ll encounter a small resistance from the edge of the wormhole’s defenses, including an Arson and an Aegis.

    Use the Fenrir’s Harpy Drones and the Hurricanes docked at the St. George to attack the Aegis distract the Arson as your Orcas flank in and gun it down, while the Fenrir shoots down the Aegis. Then, get to the right of the destroyed defenses, to the southern opening where the Fenrir can gun down the Wormhole Generator – it has no shields, so it’ll be fully vulnerable to a few salvos. Only remember to cover the Fenrir against the guarding Bloom close by.

  • Living Shield – Use the Gathering as a living shield so its shield goes below 40 during Chapter 1 Mission 10 – “Daedalus”.

    Aside from hilarious, this achievement is useful against most Sylon adversaries and even the defending Orcas at the EIRA base. Just let the Gathering take fire, retreating it as the shields are almost out, as your Warpgliders fire from it’s cover. Use the intruders to take out actual threats to the Gathering, which are the Aegis and KEIKO Sentries.

  • Black Thumb – Wither 8 of the Green player’s buildings by destroying the Helias providing them with energy during Chapter 1 Mission 11 – “Into the Unknown”.

    The best unit for this is the Intruder, the Athrael starfighter, which can be built at the Cabal as you build your base. At best a force of 12-16 Intruders will be fit to strafe past the defending Agarics and exclusively target the Helias. Remember to take some reprieve as you recharge your Intruders’ shields for the next Helias to be targeted.

  • Sphere of Influence – Construct a defense line of 8 Polaron Spheres in Chapter 1 Mission 12 – “Fury of the Beasts”.

    As you’ll already start with a Dome, you can readily upgrade your Bio-Spheres into Polaron Spheres to gain the achievement, though you may want to build some more close to the attack routes the Zhogarn will come from.

    Polaron Spheres cost 100 Metal and 50 Energy each.

  • Suicide Squad – Destroy 20 units or buildings using Martyr Probes in Chapter 1 Mission 13 – “Strange Liberators”.

    While not looking like much, the Martyr Probe is a deceptively powerful suicide unit, and will do quite well in aiding Vera’s forces (blue) in attacking the Sylons by neutralizing the guarding defenses and Sylons. Plus, given Vera’s attacks will be weak, you can withhold your attack until you’ve got the achievement.

    Martyr Probes are built in Havens (which require Cabals) and require the Martyrium (which requires a Dome) to be unlocked. Martyr Probes cost Metal and Tachyon, and Tachyon asteroids can be found to the east of the starting base you’ll built atop the destroyed Sylon one.

  • Adikara – The hero Adikara must destroy at least 40 units or buildings in Chapter 1 Mission 14 – “The Assault”.

    Adikara is a potent attack force by herself, especially in sieging enemy defenses with her Magnetic Pulse, that also deals AoE damage. She can also handle herself against fighters, though a pair of Warpgliders will certainly help. Adikara, however, can’t regenerate her own health or detect stealth units, so have an Explorer follow her, as well bringing a Clairvoyant along.

    The best target for Adikara to get most, if not all her necessary kills is the purple Sylon base northwest of the player’s base. The player can head to the left, past the Tachyon asteroids to circle the radiation nebula that, otherwise, would lead directly to the enemy base. The base, if struck at the beginning, is lightly defended and can be breached, only needing take care against the guarding Lances, Glooms and Aegii. After these are dealt, just focus on taking down the Drone Facilities and Manufactories and then Adikara can solo the whole base on her own, especially the clustered Labors which also count to the achievement.

    If the whole purple Sylon base is gone and the achievement isn’t yours, yet, let Adikara have some fun when sieging one of the Sylon Generators’ defenders.

  • Elimination – Destroy all the production buildings of the Federation player in Chapter 1 Mission 15 – “Shadows of the Past”.

    Regardless of the achievement, the enemy Federation base (a.k.a. the Sylon-controlled Fed ships) is a bigger primary threat than the Sylons, as the enemy Feds will have access to Trinity Cruisers, Tellers and Pasteurs and will build and use them if given time. Plus, the enemy Federation base has quite a large Tachyon asteroid field, so it’s in your interest to be rid of them.

    The enemy base is modestly defended, nothing Colburne’s Fenrir can’t handle, but it’s a bit wise to build up a bit and acquire at least two more Pasteur cruisers plus some Orcas for anti-fighters. Notice that this mission introduces you to both the Dresda Cruiser and the Crow Stealth Fighter, which will be useful for knocking out most KEIKO sentries and structures. The best entry point to the enemy base is the northwestern one, guarded by a KEIKO sentry, past a stellar cloud field in the west riddled with some Leech Mines, which your Hailstorms can be rid of easily.

    Notice that the achievement applies to all production buildings of the enemy Federation base (Command Stations, Ship Factories, Merchantports and Dockyards), so focus down those. From there, it’s a matter of mopping up and then moving in with a Kutuzov to claim that vast Tachyon asteroid field.

  • Second Home – Destroy the Sylon base in the north and create an expansion there that includes a Command Center and Mining Station in Chapter 1 Mission 16 – “Revenge”.

    After repelling the initial attack, the foray into the orange Sylon base to the North should be easy, using the Fenrir and the Avenger to bomb away the enemy defenses and then letting the rest in to mop up. Of course, you’ll want to hold a bit until the Merchantport is built, along with a couple of Pasteurs, as always.

    After the whole Sylon base is destroyed, simply move in a Kutuzov (choosing to settle between either the Metal/Helium-3 asteroids or the Metal and Tachyon fields) and build a mining station. From there, the rest is your game.

Chapter 2 – Ascension Mission Achievements I

  • Bookworm – Research all Ship Upgrades at the Transponder in Chapter 2 Mission 1 – “The Birth of a New Praetor”.

    After acquiring your base to the north, past some Orcas and a Pasteur, prioritize getting resources before building the Transponder to research the upgrades, you’ll need it anyway to unlock Twinblades. Don’t worry about searching for Tachyon, as the upgrades are all Level 1, requiring only Metal and Helium-3. You can build a second Transponder to help upgrade faster, if necessary.

  • Overpowered – Find the 3 hidden Support Centers in Chapter 2 Mission 2 – “Exodus”.

    These 3 hidden Support Centers are at the northwest of your base, past the radiation nebula, simply send in a Spear, circling around the nebula counter-clockwise, until you get in contact with the 3 Support Centers. Notice that they count to the main objective, and the supplies and energy production offered also make it worth it.

  • Don’t be too Gloom – Control a sortie of 8 Glooms and research all of their Offensive Server upgrades in Chapter 2 Mission 3 – “Inventorying”.

    Aside from the two Glooms which are rescued on your way to the base, the Offensive Server which is required to make more Glooms is located in the northeastern part of the map, past a small Athrael blockade which includes an Explorer, a Clairvoyant and Flankers. After dealing with that blockade, you can rescue the Offensive Server and work from there.

    Note that you may need to build two Installators here, apart from the one required by the primary objective – One to reduce mining distance between your base and the Helium-3 field to the north, as Glooms require good amounts of Metal and Helium-3, and another to mine the small Tachyon field north of where the Offensive server is. The Tachyon is required to research the Offensive Server upgrades, so take it.

  • Committing Arson – Destroy the Plasmoids around the Obelisks in Chapter 2 Mission 4 – “Race Against Time”.

    WARNING – Despite the suggestion that you are to use Arsons to attack the plasmoids, that’s not the case. Instead, you’re better off using the Praetor’s Orbiters, coupled with Camouflage, to achieve this.

    The Obelisks with the Plasmoids will be to the north of the first Sylon checkpoint that you rescue. Your Cauldrons and Twinblades can defend just fine, you just need to be patient and try to send the Orbiter with Camouflage cast. The Orbiter ability costs 100 Power and the Camouflage ability 75 Power, while your Praetor has only 200 Power max. Athrael waves will consist of a Flanker at a time, but soon enough that’ll escalate to Invaders, so you can’t stay forever.

    Just be sure the Orbiters are in firing range of the Plasmoids before ordering them manually to fire by pressing the ‘A’ key and targeting a Plasmoid. They’ll fire only one shot before being destroyed, so, again, be patient. Once one is destroyed, the rest will go on chain reaction and destroy the Obelisks.

  • Welcome to the Collective – Create a group of 4 assimilated Flankers in Chapter 2 Mission 5 – “Regression”.

    In order to acquire the Flankers, you’ll need to tech your way to the Quantum Core, which requires an Automation (Which is there solely to unlock the Quantum Core, you can’t build any units with it), and then research Assimilation. In about 10 minutes time, the enemy waves will start coming in, consisting of the Flankers you’ll need to acquire the achievement. You’ll need to invest both in Metal, Helium-3 and Tachyon for this.

    Be sure that your Assimilators (you’ll need at least three), are covered and with enough Power to cast the ability – Assimilation costs 200 Power. Also be sure to leave auto-cast OFF, to prevent the Assimilation from being cast at the wrong units.

  • Flawless Victory – Don’t lose any units besides Martyrprobes and Warpgliders in Chapter 2 Mission 6 – “False Flag.”

    This is all a matter of logic and where to send your units. At the first attack, with your Warpgliders, Flanker and Clairvoyant, use the Flanker as a shield against the Thorun Predators and then, once they’re gone, focus on the Material Silos and then let the group have fun with the rest of the base, just being careful to not chase the leftover Zoner. Leave that group there.

    After the silo is destroyed, you’ll receive a pair of Invaders to breach through to the second mining site. Have then focus down the Guard Stations from maximum range, but you’ll soon be greeted by 4 Marauders. Neutralize them, watching for your Invaders’ shields and pulling each back as necessary, as the Hulls are too vulnerable to the Marauders’ cannons. By then, take care of the remaining Guard Stations and kill the second Material Silo. Leave it there as well.

    The next group is a pair of Rectors which you’ll take to the third Material Silo and deploy them to destroy the guarding Predators. With those out of the way, Martyr Probes will come in destroy the third Material Silo for you.

    The fourth and final group is a sextet of Harbringers, which you’ll use to outrange the guarding enemy Guard Stations, this time behind Habitats and Power Plants. Be patient and remember they need energy to fire, but neutralizing this enemy position is trivial, too.

    Now, only one Material Silo is left, but it’s guarded by a mixture of the defenses you learned to handle with so far, and for this, you now must reunite all four groups into one. Firstly, take your rectors north and then east of the Metal resource field, which will lead a way east that *looks* like it’s blocked by small asteroids, but isn’t, as there’s a small enough passage for the Rectors to pass through. Deploy them as you come under attack from the Predators to neutralize them.

    Secondly, take the Harbringers to the northeast, where the corner will be guarded by Guard Stations, where they can engage your Harbringers. Neutralize them with extreme care (as Guard Stations’ attacks deal area damage) and then travel southwest past the stellar cloud, linking with the Rectors.

    Now, use your Rectors to go South and draw fire and provide vision for your Harbringers to neutralize the Guard Stations and the Marauder Pair guarding it. Remember that Rectors have a high shield count but aren’t invincible, and they count towards the achievement, so pull them back if shields are dangerously low. When the Guard Stations and Marauders are gone, you can link up with the Warpgliders, Flanker and Clairvoyant. Finally, take your Rectors to neutralize the enemy Predators blocking the path to your Invaders.

    The final Material Silo is accessed by the Stellar Cloud which your Harbringers crossed, and is guarded by two Devastators. Use the Invaders to lure them in and the Harbringers to shoot them down, not getting too close as they’ve powerful attacks. Use the Invaders’ attacks to directly attack the Guard Stations behind the Habitats and use the Rectors and Warpgliders to defend against the intercepting Predators. There might be several Zoners which you’ll have to use your Harbringers to shoot them down from a distance, as their deaths trigger Anti-matter explosions that around them that damage everything nearby. This and the Capitol which will block your line of fire for the final Material Silo, so kill it, and then target down the Material Silo with your Invaders and Harbringers.

    Note that the achievement allows you to lose only Martyr Probes and Warpgliders, so if you lost nothing else, you’ll get the achievement.

Chapter 2 – Ascension Mission Achievements II

  • In the Zone – Find the Zoners filled with resources in Chapter 2 Mission 7 – “Purge.”

    The Zoners which this objective refers to are at the south of your starting position. After the first enemy group you’ll engage, consisting of Intruders and Warpgliders you can engage as long as you micro your forces with care, go south where you’ll face another blockade, consisting of two Warpgliders, a Flanker and a Rector. Have a Marauder lure the Flanker and Warpgliders away from the Rector’s range and then use Thalok’s Blood Moon (which has shielding) to absorb as most damage as possible as the Marauders fire at the back and the Predators help chisel down the Flanker. Focus the Warpgliders first and then the Flanker. Pull the Blood Moon back if the shields are low. As the Blood Moon then focuses down the Rector, fly your Predators to the east corner, where the Zoners are at the east corner of the map, carrying both Helium-3 and Tachyon which will come in handy for upgrades.

  • Speedrun – Destroy the Psychic Dome without producing any units in Chapter 2 Mission 8 – “War-Path.”

    No lying, this one is the most difficult of the chapter, as it requires substantial micro skills.

    After you escape to the south to the rescuable blue base, take Kagan, the other Raiders and the Predators to the north of the base, past a stellar cloud where you’ll see a backdoor to the Athrael base, blocked by asteroids. Fly the Predators past the asteroids first and neutralize the sole Obelisk guarding it, and then order the Raiders and Kagan to attack one of the Asteroids to open the way. In the meantime, research Absorptive Plating at the Forum and send your Extractors to the Helium-3 asteroids to the east to mine it, you’ll want to reach 150 Helium-3 to research Friction Welding. Use the Blood Moon, the Predators and the Marauder to fend off the attacks from the mind-controlled Thoruns.

    After neutralizing the asteroids, make some efforts to attack the close by Polaron Sphere, as it has Sensors that can detect stealth units, but you’ll need to pull back as well, as they also have defenders in the form of a Rector, a few Warpgliders, a Flanker and an Explorer. The Polaron Sphere and the Explorer are your priority targets, if necessary use the Blood Moon to lure them away from detection range and use the Raiders, especially after Absorptive Plating is researched, to neutralize them.

    After the defenders and especially the Explorer are gone, use Kagan to neutralize the Polaron Sphere close to the asteroids. After this Sphere is destroyed, use Kagan and the Raiders to attack the Psychic Dome exclusively from it’s right side, kill the rightmost Obelisk if needed. A few hits should be enough to destroy it.

    NOTE – All this may take multiple saves and loads, as this one is tricky AND difficult.

  • Demolition Squad – Form a demolition squad of 5 Grinders and research their Platinum Alloy upgrade at the Anvil in Chapter 2 Mission 9 – “Battle of Morael”.

    Grinders are built at the Siege Yard and require the Anvil to be produced. As both the Grinders and the Platinum Alloy upgrade require Tachyon, use the two Grinders you have to blast away the asteroids (as suggested by Garuga) blocking the path to the Tachyon field. This path will also allow you to attack more asteroids that lead to the back of the green Athrael base (your target), so it’s in your interest to breach these asteroids.

    From there, you can use the Grinders to destroy a small asteroid close by the Radiation Nebula to allow construction of a Capitol (requires a Forum) close to the Tachyon resource field.

  • Abandoned yet not alone – Find all bonus units in Chapter 2 Mission 10 – “Skull Bearer”

    Take your forces north, past the first attackers and the lone Polaron Sphere, using the Blood Moon as your shield. From there, to the north, is another small blockade consisting of a Rector and Warpgliders. After dealing with it, you can send a unit up north where you’ll find a Mineral Silo, that in this mission alone has the ability to provide both 5 Metal, 5 Helium-3 and 5 Tachyon every 5 seconds.

    Use Kagan in the meantime to neutralize the three Obelisks in the southwest, and then move in with the rest of your forces to blast off the central Asteroid blocking your path. After that, use Kagan again to neutralize the Explorer first and then the two Invaders in your way. After the two Invaders are gone, mop up the spawned Revengers, and head to the Asteroid field to the left to blast away the Central Asteroid blocking your way to the rescuable Havocs and Power Plants.

    The Vanguard can be rescued and found on your path to the Skull Bearer ahead. After reaching the Skull Bearer, send a welder to the east of the rescued Material Silo to find a group of Marauders, whom need only blast their way out of a blocking Asteroid and then move their way to you. A bit below the Center of the map is a trio of Grinders meant to blast away asteroids, but if you’ve reached the base already, simply let them be or get them in the way of an Invader to kill them and free supply for additional Welders.

  • To be, or not to be – Kill at least 20 units with the Quasar Flare spell in Chapter 2 Mission 11 – “Crushing Allies”.

    The Quasar Flare spell is exclusive to Thalok’s Skull Bearer and costs 200 Power per use (which makes it more vulnerable to attacks since it’s main attack also consumes power), so timing is everything. To further help with recharging the Skull Bearer’s Power faster, build a Consulate and research Fast Charge (Costs 100 Helium-3, 100 Tachyon and 250 Energy).

    The key on this is both baiting enemies out and patience. A good target to get this achievement is the Athrael Base to the northeast, whose Cabals will churn out units. Note that the Quasar Flare also works to kill fighters off-guard, so, after destroying the front defenses to the Athrael Base, it’s a good practice to wait as they’re built, move in the Skull Bearer and target them. For better results, use the Vanguard’s Probe to scout ahead and provide some vision for the Skull Bearer.

  • Emperor’s Legion – Build a fleet of 8 Flagships and research their upgrade Antiproton Dampener at the Senate in Chapter 2 Mission 12 – “Death Blow”.

    Flagships are built at the Hall (which cost 250 Metal, 250 Helium-3 and 100 Tachyon) and require a Senate (which cost 250 Metal and 250 Tachyon). Each Flagship costs 400 Metal and 400 Tachyon and consumes 10 Supply, as the Antiproton Dampener research costs 150 Metal and 150 Tachyon. There are additional resources to the northeast of the resource field by the player’s base, but the blocking asteroids means you’ll need Grinders to clear the way for the Zoners to traverse to the Material Silo (or attempt long distance mining, though be warned it’ll be prone to Athrael strikes consisting of Intruders, Lancers and Martyr Probes).

    HINT – For a better use of the Flagship make Predators for their hangars and research Fast Charge at the Consulate.

Chapter 2 – Ascension Mission Achievements III

  • Free Willy – Collect 4 assimilated Orcas in Chapter 2 Mission 13 – “Prisoner”.

    The first trio of Orcas happen to be patrolling close to your start position. Wait until all assimilators reach 200 Power (Fast Charge is already researched) and then move in to quickly get them, preferably when they’re close to your side (the other side has guarding Barricade Sats). The final Orcas will be at the end of the initial EIRA installation, being four plus a Hailstorm. If you’re quick enough, you can catch enough and keep them alive to acquire the achievement.

  • Total Recall – Recall at least 15 enemy units using the Praetors’ (Recall) spell in Chapter 2 Mission 14 – “The Artifact”.

    For this achievement, it’s advisable you surround the Praetor unit with multiple guard units, especially Twinblades and Glooms, and have the Praetor and other units next to a Repair Station or two for rapidly fixing your ships, especially against certain Thorun units – Zoners, Flagships, Vanguards and Breakers – that detonate as you kill them. It’s advisable that you build a Conflux, as to both research Fast Charging that will allow the Praetor’s Power to recharge faster, as well as a Mask to cast Vision on some Spears for scouting. The Praetor can cast Recall anywhere on the map, so you don’t need to worry on moving him until you’re ready to go to the Azrati Cathedral. Just focus on recalling things to kill – workers, too – and you’ll be fine with getting this achievement.

  • Tower Defense – Build two Ion Cannons with a captured Thorun Welder in Chapter 2 Mission 15 – “Deliverance”.

    The Thorun structures and Welders required to build the Ion Cannons are near the southwest corner, after the small Tachyon field by your base. Note that Ion Cannons do require Tachyon, so you’ll need to mine these resources and research the related Hauler upgrades at the Refinery. Also, you’ll need to rescue the Refinery to the Northeast and attach another Hauler to it to attain a resource boost, as you don’t have access to Installators/Installation Primes on this mission. You don’t need to worry on energy, as you already have a +20 income, so focus on gathering resources to build the Cannons.

  • Blind Guardian – Cast the Blind spell 30 times on enemy units in Chapter 2 Mission 16 – “A New Beginning”.

    Getting this achievement can be done with either Masks, which require a Conflux, or Unizar. Only remember that both need the Blind spell with auto-cast turned on as you proceed at the battle. Masks, in particular, will be useful to fending off the Thorun blue player’s constant attacks.

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