Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 – Achievements Guide

A guide to unlocking all the cryptic achievements of the spooky jumpscare bear game. This guide contains both light and major spoilers, so be warned!



You Are What You Eat

Description: You ate the glue. What is wrong with you?

In Arts and Crafts: Daycare, there is a can on the far right of the desk. Just grab it and eat it.

Monty Understudy

Description: Make a Monty costume.

In Salon: S.T.A.F.F. Makeover, decorate a S.T.A.F.F. Bot with the Star Glasses, Monty Mohawk, and all dark green makeup except the mouth.

It’s Not Easy

Description: Paint a S.T.A.F.F. Bot, Roxy, and Shattered Roxy with all dark green makeup.

In each of the three Salon minigames, just cover every spot with dark green makeup.

Nobody Likes a Loser

Description: Make Roxy presentable.

Complete the minigame Salon: Roxy Repair.

Food Prep

Food Fight

Description: Shoot a server with the sauce gun.

In El Chip’s, squirt the sauce gun on any S.T.A.F.F. Bot.

Five Second Rule

Description: Serve food after dropping it.

Drop an ingredient or piece of food on the floor and submit it on any Food Prep level.

Staff Only

Taking Candy From a Baby

Description: Eat your patient’s candy.

At the end of any First Aid section, instead of giving Helpy candy, eat some yourself.

You Never Know Until You Try

Description: Throw parts of Helpy at an animatronic threat.

In any First Aid level, when you get a task to saw off one of Helpy’s limbs, saw off the limb and grab it. Make sure to not let it fall down or else it will despawn. Then just attract an animatronic with sound and toss the Helpy part at it.

Health & Safety

Description: Complete all possible First Aid tasks.

Replay the First Aid minigames until you successfully treat Helpy with every procedure.

Bonus Revenue

Description: Complete a night of Fizzy Faz without wasting any ingredients.

Never dump your Fizzy Faz during a night. Easiestly done on Night 1.

Graveyard Shift

Description: In Fizzy Faz, make a “graveyard”.

On Fizzy Faz Night 4 or Night 5, mix a drink with one of every ingredient and serve it.

Everyone’s Favorite Boss

Description: Give every ingredient station S.T.A.F.F. bot a break within a round.

On Fizzy Faz Night 4 or Night 5, make sure to press the “Pause” button on each camera except the Garbage after it refreshes.

Picture Day

Description: Get the Endos together for a group photo.

In Endo Warehouse, stall until several endos spawn. Flash the endos on the left as larger groups will spawn on the right. When a big cluster of endos on the right get close, flash them and you should get this with the right timing.


Light’s Out

Description: Smash 8 light bulbs.

In Bonk a’ Bon, use the mallets to smash the lights on the machine. Alternatively, in Fazerblast, you can shoot the sign’s light bulbs.


Description: Only hit Helpy during round 1.

This one is worded a bit poorly, so if you were like me, it might seem like it doesn’t work but you need to exclusively hit Helpy’s during Round 1 of Bonk a’ Bon.

Seeing Red

Description: Did you know, there are two mallets?

Complete an entire game of Bonk a’ Bon using only one mallet.

Gobble Gobble

Description: Bowl a turkey!

This is one of the most difficult achievements but all you have to do is get 3 Strikes in a row during Bonnie Bowl. Try using the Plush Baby to your advantage during those events as they give your ball a bigger hitbox.


Description: Hit 20 ball targets.

Hit a total of 20 targets with the balls in all of Fazerblast.

They Had it Coming

Description: Shoot those Plushbabies!

Shoot a Plush Baby in any Fazerblast level.

Heckle the Heckler

Description: Give the Carnie what it deserves.

Just keep shooting at and throwing balls at Carnie and eventually you will unlock it.

Ticket Booth

Splash Zone

Description: Find an alternate Log Ride flume.

In Capt. Foxy’s Log Ride, shoot any of the 3 Helpy cutouts to change your course.

Harvest Moon

Description: Hit Moon in the face with the pumpkin.

In Cinder Carousel, wait until Jack-o-Moon has gotten right up next to you, then grab the pumpkin on the floor to the right of you and hit him with it.

Sister Location

Tiny Dancer

Description: Throw a Minireena.

In Ballora Gallery, when a Minireena gets close to you, grab it and throw it. This will not work in Office: Puppet Master for whatever reason.


Description: Boop Funtime Freddy’s nose.

In Breaker Room, let Funtime Freddy get up close on the left or right side of you. Then reach up and boop his nose.

Cupcake Keep Away

Description: In Funtime Gang, don’t let Chica get Mr. Cupcake.

In Office: Funtime Gang, do not let Funtime Chica reach your door. Move the Funtime Cupcake from each side of your desk if Funtime Chica ever shows up close on the monitors.


Open Your Eyes

Description: See the world as it really is.

After beating a few minigames, you will unlock the Faz-Wrench from the Prize Machine. It can be found in the hub to the left of the monitor. Take it to the conduit puzzle on the right of the hub and solve the puzzle to open the door. Inside the room on the right is an AR Inhibitor you can turn off by grabbing the handle and pushing it down. You can now reach toward your face and take off the mask.

Batteries Not Included

Description: Take this mask. Take this mask.

After every few minigames you beat, a present will appear on the gallery stage. Open and collect all 6 figures.

Remember Jeremy?

Description: Retrieve a memory.

Throughout the game, Mystic Hippo will tell you that something has changed. Each time this happens a drawing will appear somewhere in the hub that is a hint on what to do. Solve any to unlock this achievement.


Description: System threats found. Repair complete.

Find all 6 memories and a glitched token will appear on Mystic Hippo’s machine. Use this token on the Princess Quest IV cabinet and complete it.

Lost Luggage

Description: A Bonnie Mask?

At the end of the Princess Quest IV minigame, light the gravestones in the correct order:
1. Chica
2. Foxy
3. Freddy
4. Bonnie
5. Golden Freddy
6. The Puppet

This will open a staircase in the middle of the path ahead to claim your prize.


Your Time To Shine

Description: Consult the Mystic Hippo.

Teleport to the Mystic Hippo machine in the hub and press the button.

Liability Risk

Description: Get jumpscared.

Get jumpscared.


Description: Beat all high scores.

Beat the default high scores in Bonk a’ Bon and Capt. Foxy’s Log Ride.

You’re Hired

Description: Complete all minigames.

If this one doesn’t work after initially completing all of them, try replaying one, that seems to help.


Description: Get all prizes from the claw machine.

Beat all the minigames and then replay minigames to continue unlocking all prizes. I recommend playing DJ Music Time: Beginner and Cold Storage over and over as those are some of the faster games to rush through.

All You Can Eat

Description: Eat edible objects in the game for ever and ever and ever.

Eat 200 foods.

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