Flesh Eaters: Achievement Guide 100%

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Flesh Eaters.

This is a translated version of a Russian guide. You can find the original guide clicking here.



It will not hurt those who like to collect achievements, because achievements are easy to obtain, but searching for them is difficult. In this game, all achievements are hidden, and there was no guides on how to obtain it, until now.


Find cure. Go to the “Tech Lab” location.

We bring the medic to the computer and wait until he finishes searching the blood samples(costs 5 antibiotics each time).


Find truth. Go to the “Chemical Plant” location

There is a radioactive container In the chemical plant, click it with an engineer.


Escape city Go to the “Workshop” location

You can escape by repairing the car and finding 2 map pieces. You must have an engineer on your team to repair the car.

Hunter I

Kill 100 Zombies.

Simple as it says, just kill 100 zombies.

Hunter II

Kill 1000 zombies.

A little bit harder, you must kill 1000 zombies for this one.

Hunter III

Kill 10000 zombies.

It may take a while, but eventually, you will get there. For this one, you must kill 10000 zombies.


Kill survivor with a RPG

Kill yourself with a RPG.


Die in tutorial.

A very easy achievement, but not very easy to find. Just let a zombie kill your entire team on tutorial and the achievement is yours.


Perfect ending.

Find the vaccine and radioactive waste (“Truth” and “Cure”) and get out of the city (“Escape”).

Good luck!

The game is very short (more than it should be). Maybe you won’t get tired of it 🙂

Another useful guide for this game

Which I took some information from simpledan777’s guide to make the guide even more complete.

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