Flesh Water: Achievements Guide

Flesh Water has five easy achievements that require some light grinding. If you don’t feel like experimenting to find the four different endings, here’s how to get them plus the Welcome to the Community achievement.


Welcome to the Community! Achievement
On the Menu screen, click the Discord icon.

Safe Achievement
In the Chemical Room choose the left-most jar. See picture.

Devoured Achievement
In the Chemical Room choose the right-most jar. See picture.

Predator and Prey Achievements
You will have to play this section twice. In the Chemical Room choose the middle jar. Make sure you take the gun, located all the way to the right of the screen/room.

To trigger the Predator achievement, go to the right edge of the sofa while making your way back. I’m not sure this is the only way to do it, but it’s how it worked for me.

Where is the…? and other things
Items can be difficult to see at times in this game. Here are the locations of items you will need to progress the game.

Spraybottle: on the Lobby desk, to the right. Use it to clean 3 stains in the Lobby and 1 in the Utility room.

Trashbag: click the left-most door, the trashbag is on some boxes to the left. Use it to clean the pizza box on the desk in the Lobby, something on the floor (a banana peel?) near the Utility room door in the Lobby, the rusty cans (?) on a Lobby chair and more rusty cans (?) outside by the truck. Take the trash all the way to the right (past the Pool Room door) to the dumpster.

Keycard to Pool Room: on the left-most chair in the Lobby.

Chemical Room: Left-most door in the pool room. Gun is located all the way to the right on some boxes.

Other: Falling / jumping in the pool, while hilarious, will not result in an achievement or funny scene. The game will reset to right before you fell / jumped.

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  1. Man, you spelled everything wrong! To get the Predator ending, you need to select the third lamp on the left (or the first on the right), do not forget to take the gun, and on the way back, stand on the left edge of the sofa! Accordingly, in order for the ending of the victim to fall out, you need to stand on the right edge of the sofa!


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