For Honor: ReShade Guide (Download, Installation, and Configuration)

Brief guide to use Reshade to replace the washed out colours of the game after marching fire expansion. Compatible with EAC.


1. Download Reshade

Download Reshade 3.08 (Needs to be this version otherwise it won’t be compatible with EAC) from the official mediafire repository here[]

2. Installing Reshade

Open Reshade, Select the game (forhonor.exe) and the Direct3D 9 option

It’ll ask if you want to download some presets.

Choose “Yes” and only install the following ones:

  • AdaptiveSharpen.fx
  • AmbientLight.fx
  • Curves.fx
  • Filmgrain.fx
  • LiftGammaGain.fx
  • Tonemap.fx
  • Vibrance.fx


3. Configuration

Open the game, you should see a banner similar to this above your screen.

Now press Shift + F2 and change the settings as your preference.


Before/After examples


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