For The King: How to Achieve 100 Evasion

Detailed guide to confirmed players : how to achieve 100 evasion



How to Achieve 100 Evasion

Unlocking all items from the Lore Store will help you through the game to be powerful enough to pursue your goal safely. If you don’t, only the “Treasure Hunter” is absolutely needed to maximise your chances + the Grand Sanctums.

1) Choose the “Into the Deep” saga, easy mode and no house rules.

2) Select your characters

Left : Scholar (high speed, best intelligence of the game, refocus)
Center : Hunter (best speed stat of the game, best awareness of the game)
Right : Treasure Hunter (His Gun at first levels, high talent, find treasure, mimic whisper)

The Hunter will be the main target for a lot of your enemies which makes you dodge more useful and more used.

3) Begin the adventure

Use the Fighting Sticks with the Hunter to stun your ennemis then use the Gun
with the Scholar to play early and one shot. Between fights, seek some ways to
make money and equip the TH with it ( Every Bard weapon + Fancy Ruff ).

4) Power Up & Scrolls

Buy all the Vision Scroll you can get to find the 3 Grand Sanctums you’ll need :
Wisdom to the Scholar, Wealth to the TH and Shadow to the Hunter. Buy all the
Teleport Scrolls and Portal Scrolls to reach them early and for another reason
explained later.


Your secret main goal : elevate your TH gold multiplier as soon as possible.

Head : Princess Hat +10% gold
Chest : Pirate Coat +10%
Trinket : Lucky Coin +15%
Necklace : Golden Ruff +5%
Weapon : Golden Gun +20%
Sanctum of Wealth : +20%
So now you gain +80% gold. Noice.

Run to all the Sea Caves you can so the Gobelin Merchant appears. Be sure to be wealthy
enough before entering because his prices are expensive. Your Teleport Scrolls will be useful
to reach all the Night Markets possible at night, so you’ll have more chances to find the
necessary equipment.

6) Legendary stuff

Now you have money so you have to find and buy the perfect stuff to maximise
your Hunter’s evasion:

Head : Gyoppa’s Helm +10 evasion
Chest : Assassin Gear +10
Foot : Assassin Boots +5
Trinket : Golden Feather +5
Necklace : Golden Ruff +4 Party evasion
Weapon : Jade Spear +4
Shield : Gilded Buckler +5
Sanctum of Shadow : +5

Because evasion stacks with speed, his high speed makes his evasion even greater. But, you can do better than that and equip your two other characters with :

Head : Royal Crown +4 Party evasion
Necklace : Golden Ruff +4 Party evasion

But wait, the count isn’t good. You’ll need luck to find two rare consumables : the Rogue’s brew (shop) and some Lucky Fountain which give you a definitive bonus of +2 evasion each. That’s why the TH is so important : by finding and opening every chest of the game, your chances are significantly higher to find what you want.

So with luck, strategy and money you’ve done it. Your Hunter reaches a wonderful 100 evasion. Some consumables can temporarily make it even more ridiculous but you’ve done it.

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