Foregone: All Secrets with Maps

Here you have map of every level in this game with marked secrets.


All Secrets Locations

Foregone is a linear game and IT’S NOT a metroidvania but you can go back to previous levels so actually you can’t miss anything (so I don’t put other stuff than secrets on the map).

But to get to some of the secret places you need to have skills gained in 3 boss fights later in the game:

1. Hera in LEVEL 3 (Armory) – you get the AIR DASH
2. Demeter in LEVEL 6 (Shrine) – you get GROUND SMASH
3. Poseidon in LEVEL 9 (Cavern) – you get WALL CLIMB

So to get every secret you have to go through levels 1-9 at least twice – I put on the maps info which skill you need to get the secret; if there is no info then you need just simply dash into hole; sometimes there are also 2 secrets in one place. To achive secret you have to pickup item or skill in a secret place. That’s all 🙂

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