Forza Horizon 4: How to Fix the Start Menu Crashing

This guide will hopefully help fix the start menu crashing.


Quick Disclaimer

This worked for me I don’t know if this will work for you but it’s worth a try and maybe it will work

How to Fix the Start Menu Crashing

First Step: Go to the settings (the gear symbol)

Second Step: Click on properties

Three Step: Go to local files

Fourth Step: Click on “verify Integrity of game files” (this will check the games files to make sure they are the correct files or in the right place)

Note: You may need to do repeat this step a few times I repeated this step 4 times

Fifth Step: Test it out to make sure it works if it doesn’t work you may need to try it a few more times if it still doesn’t work I don’t know how to fix it

Sixth Step: If the game loaded correctly congrats and have fun.

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