Foul Play: Walkthrough (Affection and Bad Ends)

This guide will cover most choices that impact affection levels and bad ends. Useful if you want to play with hints off and/or not save at every choice since you can’t always scroll back to a previous choice.


Short Introduction

What’s in the guide

Guide covers all choices that impact affection levels or lead to a Bad End. Some choices have not been fully written out because I’m lazy but you should be able to figure out which one is which.

I’ve come across a choice that’s not in the guide

1. It’s a detective question
2. It’s a choice that will change how the story will pan out and/or does not impact affection levels. It should be very easy to follow these to the desired ending and therefore I didn’t include them in the guide

Please leave a comment if something is incorrect!

Common Route: Part 1

1. Wholeheartedly agree +CYNTHIA

2. Don’t make a scene +CYNTHIA

3. North –> BAD END

4. Order Gyoza +WINTER

5. Divulge the truth –> BAD END

6. Catch a ride with her +WINTER

7. No, you can keep it +WINTER
We need to examine it for the investigation +CYNTHIA

8. Take accountability +CYNTHIA
Joke back at her -CYNTHIA

9. Accept +CYNTHIA

10. What are you wearing? +CYNTHIA

11. I’m really into Cynthia’s aesthetic +CYNTHIA
That was a little inappropriate -CYNTHIA

12. I could ask you the same +WINTER

13. Joke back with her +WINTER
This is an inappropriate conversation -WINTER

14. I haven’t thought of that perspective before +WINTER
This hobbyist isn’t qualified to tell me that -WINTER

15. Ask for more information

16. The Industrial Building +CYNTHIA
The small shopping center -CYNTHIA

17. Used to skate in Russia +WINTER
Used to skate in Canada -WINTER

18. Yes +WINTER

19. Make Death threats +WINTER

20. When did you know you were gay? +WINTER

21. I had butterflies +WINTER
Her ego and forwardness -WINTER

22. Ask what she does for fun +CYNTHIA
Ask her why she eats so much -CYNTHIA

23. I’m interested in preventing +CYNTHIA
Oh I don’t think it would -CYNTHIA

24. Naps -CYNTHIA

25. Admit that I enjoy +CYNTHIA

26. Be receptive to Cynthia +CYNTHIA

27. Bacon Sandwich +CYNTHIA
Chocolate croissant -CYNTHIA

28. Try Cynthia’s coffee concoction +CYNTHIA
Politely Decline -CYNTHIA

29. Ask Cynthia to the party +CYNTHIA –> WITH CYNTHIA AT PARTY
Ask Winter to the party +WINTER –> WITH WINTER AT PARTY

Common Route: With Winter At Party

30. Listen +WINTER
Cut off -WINTER31. Date Date +WINTER
Hired Date -WINTER

32. That’s a good question +WINTER
Friends -WINTER

33. French Kissing +WINTER
French Fries -WINTER

34. Catered food +WINTER
Phone Call -WINTER

Common Route: With Cynthia At Party

30. Tell Brandy or Ginny or whatever +CYNTHIA

31. Ask her to dance with me +CYNTHIA
Suggest she makes herself -CYNTHIA

32. So you were planning on dancing? +CYNTHIA

33. Nudge Cynthia to go get a drink +CYNTHIA
Gently remind Cynthia that -CYNTHIA

34. Tell her I’ve been practicing chess +CYNTHIA

Common Route: Part 2

35. I should hand in Winter’s scarf -WINTER

36. Give more details about Winter +CYNTHIA
Hold back for now +WINTER

37. Should I go in to work tomorrow +CYNTHIA
Is there a possibility Winter could change +WINTER

Winter Route

38. Accept Winter’s date +WINTER
Politely decline Winter’s date -WINTER39. It’s kind of complicated +WINTER
Seriously. Don’t worry about it -WINTER

40. I need to tell Winter +WINTER

41. It seems like a shame +WINTER

42. Admit I have feelings for her +WINTER
Don’t admit anything to her -WINTER

43. Ask Winter more about her past +WINTER

44. Invite her to share the bed +WINTER
I’d rather be alone -WINTER

45. I might take her up on that offer +WINTER
I changed my mind -WINTER

46. I want to +WINTER

47. Oi arrombadinha +WINTER

Joined Raeni

48. She can’t have shrimp –> BAD END
She can’t have nuts –> BAD END

Didn’t Join Raeni

48. Don’t trust Winter –> BAD END

Cynthia Route

38. Tell her the truth +CYNTHIA
Lie -CYNTHIA39. Ask her if she also feels +CYNTHIA

40. Wouldn’t there be more moving parts? +CYNTHIA

41. That’s what makes us good together +CYNTHIA

42. Yes +CYNTHIA

43. I’m up for the blitz challenge +CYNTHIA

44. Try to win +CYNTHIA

45. Confess my crush on her +CYNTHIA

46. What if I am curious about the rabbit hole? +CYNTHIA

47. Let Winter escape –> BAD END

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