Freedom Planet 2: Treasure Hunter Guide

Can’t find that item box in that level? Wondering why you’re missing 3 items in your list? Check here!

There are 8 potions, 15 purchasable items, and 7 hidden items in total.
I’ve broken them down into shops and each individual level. Use the guide on the right to help you find what you need!

“Wait, what and where are   ?”
You’ll want Chloe’s Shop in Adventure Square! Check Shops: Items for more details!

Shops: Potions

All potions must be bought; Milla carries all of them. They unlock as the game progresses.

Milla’s Shop:

> Her location changes based on progression <

  •  Extra Stock
  •  Strong Revivals
  •  Cheaper Stocks
  •  Healing Strike
  •  Attack Up
  •  Strong Shields
  •  Accelerator
  •  Super Feather

Two stores actually carry potions too. Milla must supply them herself!

Florin’s Shop:

  •  Healing Strike
Chloe’s Shop:

*note: doesn’t show up in Quick Shop

  •  Cheaper Stocks
  •  Attack Up

Shops: Items

These are equippable items you can buy from shops

Milla’s Shop:

> Her location changes based on progression <

  •  Max Life Up
Yuni’s Shop:

Note: You’ll have these already on Beginner mode!

  •  Element Burst
  •  Crystal to Petals
Blake & Balthazar’s Shop:

  •  Items to Bombs
  •  Life Oscillation
  •  One Hit KO
Chloe’s Shop:

*note: doesn’t show up in Quick Shop

  •  Powerup Start
  •  Shadow Guard
  •  Payback Ring
Florin’s Shop:

  •  Max Life Up
  •  Wood Charm
  •  Earth Charm
  •  Water Charm
  •  Fire Charm
  •  Metal Charm
  •  Rainbow Charm

I wonder if Milla and Florin are friends?

Dragon Valley — Time Limit

Can’t really miss this one, but if you did, you likely jumped over it on accident.
Simply play through the level as normal, all paths lead to this area. Whack that chest and the Time Limit item is yours.

Shenlin Park — No Stocks

Progress as usual until you reach a train area with water underneath and an annoying ball enemy.

You’ll want to start heading up from here, you’re on the right track if you see handlebars.

The chest is right above this clock robot.


Avian Museum — No Petals

Proceed as usual, sticking to middle route. You’ll come along this long 6-segmented snake guy here. Head up from him.

Take the left swinging gondola/bowl/thing. See that ladder? Jump up through that ceiling gap.

Your prize is hiding away there.

Airship Sigwada — Double Damage

*You’ll start with this item if you selected Expert Mode!

Proceed as usual, beat the tar outta this bird and make him run like a coward!

Once you get inside after fighting him, stick to the lower route.

You’ll find a 2 piece door. You’ll need to backtrack to get the second piece.

After the door, you’ll find a ladder going down. Fall down there and the chest is yours.

Tiger Falls — No Guarding

You’ll need to get to the area with two spinning spike rolls of death. I believe all paths lead here eventually.

There’s two levels to this area. Simply get to the one above and you’ll find the chest, easy.

Phoenix Highway — No Revivals

*You’ll start with this item if you selected Expert Mode!

Proceed as usual until you get to this area. All paths lead here eventually.

(Pardon the crude yellow arrow)
You’ll need to use the swing to propel yourself up here by jumping with timing. The left switch opens the bottom path. The middle switch opens the middle path leading to a vinyl. The right switch opens the top path, leading to the item we want.

Grab that chest BEFORE you jump on that drill!

Zao Land — Expensive Stocks

This level is huge. Stick to the lower route until you are prompted up by rails to here. Ignore that spring and jump over it.

This area has two of those ferris wheel things. Fall beneath the first one.

Proceed from there until you see this lovely batch of red and white balloons…
Pop them.

Leave it to Zao to have the only red item chest of the seven.

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