Freight Hopper: How To Find The Banjo Horse

Instructions on how to find the elusive Banjo Horse.



The Banjo Horse can be found in every level in the game. This is a short guide on how to find all of them.

Fun fact: if you touch the horse, he will play his beautiful music for you 😀


The horse can be found in a grey box on top of a rock, located directly to the right of the player’s starting position.

The crystal path leading to the box.

Banjo Horse 🙂


The horse is located on a platform far away from the main map.
To access it, follow a path of trains buried in the sand.

Path of trains, located to the far left, close to the end of the level

Banjo Horse 🙂

NOTE: This is one of the most difficult horses to reach.


The horse it located far, far below the map.
To reach it, we will go to two places.

First we go to this path.

Path, located to the right, and close to the start of the level.

Next, we go to this hole.

imgHole, located on a rock with four trains.
It’s a long way down…

After a long dropper, you will arrive.

imgBanjo Horse 🙂


The horse is located on an inconspicuous path.

The path, located to the left at the very start of the map.


Banjo Horse 🙂

Pedal to the Medal

The horse is on top of a mountain.
We’ll have to take a long journey to get there.

First, go here.

Path, located forwards, before the train turns.

At the end of that path, climb up this wall.

imgThis wall we can climb up due to this games janky physics.

Finally, we make one last hard jump.

imgThe hard jump.


Banjo Horse 🙂


The path is far across the canyon.

The path, located across the canyon.

NOTE: I haven’t included a photo of the horse as i haven’t even been able to get there myself.

Dangerous Canyon

The horse is on a train located on the upper left.

Banjo Horse 🙂


The horse is under the map.

First, go here.

imgwhen the canyon is sus
Located to the back left, somewhat in the middle of the level.

Go towards the image and there will be a hole.


In the hole there is a slide with a jump.
Go down the slide.


Banjo Horse 🙂


The horse is on a rock at the end of a path of trains.

The path, located to the right close to the start of the level.

Banjo Horse 🙂

Straight Away

The horse is on a platform behind the level.

imgRight at the start of the level, look behind you.
You will see this. Use the train that goes backwards to scale it, then follow the path of fallen trains.

imgBanjo Horse 🙂

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