Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator: 100% Achievements Guide

A quick overview on getting all the achievements in Fresh Start


Completing Levels Achievements

Ready up!
Finish the tutorial
Railroad to Success
Finish Railstation
Cold Cleaner!
Finish Iceland
Moving up in the world!
Finish Alps
Finish Asia
Cherry blossom
Finish Japan
Firefighter Extraordinaire!
Finish Australia
The Hero of the Coast
Finish Beach
Finish Forest
Finish Garden
No place like home
Finish Poland

Great job! You’ve unlocked the whole map!

Collecting Achievements

Helper of nature
Destroy 100 debris piles in total
Restorer of nature
Destroy 200 debris piles in total
Destroy 300 debris piles in total
Slow beginnings
Collect 500 trash in total
A Veteran Cleaner
Collect 2500 trash in total
Master Cleaner
Collect 5000 trash in total
Convenient Cleaner
Recycle 1000 trash using pocket recycler
Watering Friend
Use Sprinklerbot a 100 times in total
Hoover Friend
Use Hooverbot a 100 times in total
Suck up 500 000 units of water in total


Miscellaneous Achievements

For this achievement, jump a bunch of times



You completed every level 100%


Familiar face

Familiar face
3rd level, right at the start. Walk forward towards the signpost and then go left. The chicken is next to the river on the rocks. See the pictures below:


When entering the Asia level, right after you spawned, go to the right before you cross the bridge. The lama should be in the rocks on the right

Big hat on his hip

Big hat on his hip
On the left side of the map, close to the fountain. Its in the most left wall close to the corner.

Ancient technology

Ancient technology
In the Australia level, its basically at the furthest point in the map. When getting 95% on the map, this is also the place where the quest items for the koala’s spawn. You’ll find a caravan here and the its behind the caravan.

Pet Pal

Pet Pal
Pet every type of animal. Below are pictures showing in what level what animal you can pet.



















You did it! You’ve pet all the pettable animals in this game!


As of playing right now, the following achievements are bugged:
– Railroad to Success
– No Place Like Home
– Perfectionist
– Big Hat on his hip
– Foreshadowing
– Pet Pal
– Ancient Technology

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