Friends vs Friends: Character Tier List (V1.0.2)

Struggling to choose a character? This is a Tier List along with reasoning for the characters at launch in Friends vs Friends. May revisit as the game updates or as my opinions change, we will see.


The Tier List

Characters in each tier are not ordered

S Tier


This is an arena shooter type of game, and mobility is almost always going to be king. At higher levels of play, your mobility is going to make it harder for you to get hit, meaning you will often get positive damage trades with your opponent. This character is also an incredibly good match up against one of the cheesiest characters in the game, sable. Having the mobility to just run away from the katana will save you a lot of headaches. Additionally, the mobility to dodge oncoming explosives can save you from taking an immediate 140 damage and helps against a character like Lars. As for deck building strategy, this character is very flexible and doesn’t crutch on certain cards, so you can use whatever win conditions you are most comfortable with.


Explosives are broken in this game. They do a ridiculous amount of damage and with how tight the maps are its easy to capitalize on explosive damage. In higher levels of play, explosives just win rounds straight up. On trucks, you can guarantee a bomb will be flying in the air at round start into the opposing spawn area. What Lars does is make a large portion of the opposing players deck useless, as explosives will do almost nothing to you. There are also incredible card combos for him, like using the grenade launcher and then weapon swapping with your opponent so they cant do damage to you. In his deck, I like to put a bunch of explosives, not to abuse his passive ability by running into the opponent, but by having access to tools that the opponent doesn’t have. The only counter to Lars is Lars himself, which makes ditto matches the most honest form of the game.


Similarly to Haru, extra mobility is great in arena shooters. Moose has access to routes and rotations on maps that are only accessible with double jump which you can you to juke your opponent or create surprise attacks. And again, more mobility means more opportunity to damage the opponent without them being able to damage you back as much. So spamming double jump and getting on opponents heads can make it hard for the opponent to damage you. Deck building is the same as Haru, just do whatever you want.

A Tier

Duck Anderson

I prefer Duck Anderson over Donnie B for a few of reasons, first is that the heal card allows you to get a burst of health mid fight which can throw off your opponent. The mental game is pretty big in this game so giving them the confidence that your health is low and then turning it around with a heal is big. Secondly, since you get a free card every round, you can use it to check for or get through counter so you can equip your win condition without worry. Finally, its 5 more hp. I think I can assume that you understand why having more hp in a game with this long of time to kill is so beneficial. This is another All around character that can build their deck however. This is a personal favorite character of mine.


The katana is so annoying to play against. Learning to use the katana block well by spacing out reloads and practicing aim can be incredibly deadly in most rounds. One of the big problems with this character is that it has some god awful matchups like Haru and Lars and can get shut down by cards like move slower, tin man, all explosives, energy drink, move faster, and more. Building your deck well can make this character pretty deadly with cards like parleyno jumpmove faster / move slower / energy drinkempty magbig head (sword headshots do like 75 damage), turretsinvisible, and more. Make sure to add some weapons to your deck so you have the opportunity to stay back and fight at a distance or give yourself and out for bad situations.

B Tier

Donnie B

Health is good, health win game. Use whatever cards. Cowgirl outfit OP.

Stevie Gull

The default pistol in this game is already a good weapon, and giving it an upgrade means you can be deadly at a distance every round compared to your opponents. The extra ammo capacity really makes it shine. Use any cards with this character.

C Tier


I just dont feel the impact of this character while playing them. Though the upside to this character over Stevie is that their benefits transfer to new weapons that you equip, but that weapon is probably going to win you the round regardless so its impact is minimal. Can use whatever cards.

D Tier

DJ Newton

The new players first pick. Homie is dripped out and their skin is incredible. It’s sad that they don’t get as big of an advantage as other characters. This character can be super deadly with the boomstickfk-82, and brasshopper, but having to crutch on three cards is pretty pathetic since rounds without those weapons you are basically playing on hard mode. Some people will try to take long range fights with you while you have your pistol equipped which is a bad idea for them since you are going to hit more shots, but its not enough for him to convert to a ton of wins.

Myk Raver

The Brasshopper is a bad weapon. It is just worse than the starting pistol. You have to get up in peoples faces, but the bad accuracy causes Myk to rely on cards like More AccuracyPoison Bullets, Steel Bullets, and various mobility to hopefully get in before dying. Trying to trade damage at long range is not worth it, and results in instant loss.

Extra Words
My credentials is that I have played 30 hours of this game in the first week that it came out. I am level 50 and win an overwhelming majority of my games. I am sure that this will be outdated soon enough but it was fun writing about my thoughts.

This guide is not meant to slander anybody’s character, I think all the characters are viable at the end of the day and S tier characters are still going to lose to D tier characters a lot. Just understand your characters advantages and disadvantages to win 🙂

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