Frostpunk: “There was no waldo” Achievement Guide

This guide will explain to you how to get the “There was no waldo” achievement in Frostpunk.


Frostpunk “There was no waldo” Achievement Guide

Endless mode
Locations are popping up on Endurance or Constructor definitely, the other endless-mode I’ve never tried so far. I was going for the other two instead, because I wanted to try some other achievements anyway while still trying to achieve this one.

Maps to choose
I think it doesn’t really matter here which map you choose, locations for scouts are appearing for all of them, so go with what you feel is easier to build your city on. I played on Ark, the one with the bridges and the “home” one from the first scenario, they all work.

Obviously you can get the achievement on all difficulties, so if you just want to go for this achievement and nothing else, then “easy” may be the best for you as you don’t have real issues while building the city, etc.

Random Hazards & Settlements
You can turn them off, but settlements will then be also turned off. Technically you don’t need them if you want to go only for the waldo-achievement, but if you try to get some of the other settlement-achievements in endless-mode you might want to turn Settlements on (which automatically turns on random hazards as well). Up to you I would say, I always played with random hazards and settlements.

What to do
So the goal here is to have all locations for the scouts popping up eventually. You do not need to visit them to complete them for the achievement, it seems only important that they pop up after the storms or whenever you reach them with your scout, then sometimes new ones appear. I noticed this, because for me the achievement popped up, when the last missing area was popping up after a storm on the map (so even without sending the scouts yet). You do not need to complete of them within the storm, if you are unable to reach them, no worries: Send your scouts home, wait for the storm and then send them out again. It’s randomized anyway and you play in endless mode, so you can play as long as you want basically to get them (I got them after playing 3 games in endless mode, 1 to 100 days, 2 to 50 days, so you do not even need to do it all in one game).

If you play on easy difficulty, you can focus from the beginning on on getting two workshops and start getting the scout upgrades first, this will make it easier/faster to find more locations on the map. It all depends on how much you want to rush to get this achievement. When you find survivors you can also let them go home on their own and collect them, when your scouts are turning back home too, this allows your scouts to carry on to the next location in the meantime. Easiest is of course the earlier you get your 3rd scout the more you can explore as well, especially after each storm.

The dreadnought-locations with relics on the map doesn’t seem to count for this achievement and they do also not pop up any new locations (there is only 1 relic to gain and to bring back to the city), so you could leave them and instead go to other locations on the map.

To make it easier for you I have prepared a Google sheet with all the locations I have found. Just be aware I started with the sheet after completing the first 100 days on one map, so there might be some locations I missed, but I think it may help you finding out the ones you’re still missing. It’s easier then, because you can specifically guide your scouts also to the areas you haven’t explored yet. As I mentioned earlier, it seems to not be necessary to scout them, but they can unlock new areas, so if your scouts don’t have anything to do, just send them out. The achievment will pop up though once the last missing one appears on the screen (even if not explored). (contains DE and EN locations, but EN translated via Google Translate, so you may notice different names ingame)

Hope this helps and then you can enjoy the achievement.

By Maggy

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