Fuckerman Collection: All Scenes Guide

Fuckerman Collection is a 2DCG adult game developed by Bambook. here is a guide on how to get all scenes in the latest version v0.1.


How to Get All Scenes (By Puff6011)

1 – After you start the game, go to the bottom left with the Man and get the deflated inflatable and inflate it with the tank next to the clown in the starting area. Return to the water ‘tonnel’ with the inflatable aand put it into the water
2 – You go in woth the Man to get the mask for the hippo girl, get out and fuck her, and you will get a key.
3 – Take the key and use it on the locked door in the ferris wheel area, after which enter the cart with the Man and change to the Woman. (press c)
4 – Go with the Woman to the ferris wheel and start it using the button on the platform. The ferris wheel wil automatically get stuck at the top where the Man will fuck the girl. After which you can press the button again and get them down. Grab the lighter on the bench in the area and leave.(you can walk away before it finished getting to the bottom)
5 – Go with the Woman to the ‘tonnel’ and use the lighter on the candlestick to light up the room and make the penises come out. You then suck them in the correct order (middle – left – right) and the door will open. (If it doesn’t open right away, you might need to keep sucking on them for longer, as the game might not register it otherwise) Grab the plungers and leave the ‘tonnel’.
6 – Go back to the beginning and use the plungers on the large metal post to climb up and get the balloon for the clown. Give it to him and fuck him to get the key. ( after fucking him, the carousel will turn on, you can ride it for an optional mini-scene)
7 – Go back to the ‘tonnel’ and use the key on the door. The futa inside will automatically let you fuck her.
8 – Go to the room inside the ‘tonnel’ and get the cuckoo clock on the wall.
9 – take the cuckoo clock to the mimes and fuck them.
10 – Go back to the starting area and leave the park.

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