GAME.exe: 100% Achievement Guide

Game.exe doesn’t have many guides to it and most of the achievements are easy to get, but I decided to make this because why not?

Hope this Achievement Guide helps anyone that doesn’t know how to navigate through the game!
Most of the achievements are really easy to get, but you have to read through the commandbox notes to actually progress through the game, which I failed to do for a bit.


Type in Oliver’s password to sign in. Click “forgot password” for a clue.
The password is oliver1999.

Change the desktop wallpaper into anything, it doesn’t matter. Just click on customize window to get started.

Good Boy
Activate a WinBox license. You can find the license text in “My Files” then the License.txt.
If you’re lazy to look, the license code is 07XBN-2L4AD-6CE1H-F6RXN-P954G

Use the CommandBox and just type anything.. like.. anything you want and enter it.

Lose the actual game after fixing Game.exe. Then let the monster get you. Go to the CommandBox and type “fix Game.exe” then go to “My Files” the “Game files” and finally “Builds”. You should be able to play the actual game

Beat the game. To get the achievement, find all candles, then shoot Oliver, the monster, after receiving a gun. This causes the game to crash and you won’t be able to get back into the game file. Go to the CommandBox and type “reset” and then type in Oliver’s password “oliver1999” to finish the game.

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