Gang Beasts: Controls (Keyboard & Controller)

Here is a guide to help you learn the controls in Gang Beasts.


Gang Beasts Controls

Movement: WASD.
Jump: Space bar.
Run: Space bar (Hold while pressing a direction)
Sit: Space bar (Hold while staying still)
Kick: M.
Lie down: M (Hold)
Duck: Ctrl.
Crawl: Ctrl (Hold)
Controler Xbox
Jump: A
Run: A (Hold while pressing a direction)
Sit: A (Hold while staying still)
Kick: X
Lie down: X (Hold)
Duck: B
Crawl: B (Hold)
Headbutt: B
Lift: Y
Taunt: Y
Left punch/grab: LB
Right punch/grab: RB

Controler Ps
Jump: X
Run: X (Hold while pressing a direction)
Sit: X (Hold while staying still)
Kick: Square
Lie down: Square (Hold)
Duck: Circle
Crawl: Circle (Hold)
Headbutt: Circle
Lift: Triangle
Taunt: Triangle
Left punch/grab: L1
Right punch/grab: R1

Dropkick: Press jump, then tap kick
Climb: Grab using both arms, then press jump
Backflip: Press jump, then hold kick
Powerslide: Hold kick and crawl while holding a direction


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