Garden Paws: All The Bunnies Achievement Guide

A small guide for obtaining the “All The Bunnies” achievement.



Below you will find both the base requirements and the recommended requirements to complete this achievement. This achievement can be completed as early as you can obtain the Bunny Habitat.

Base Requirements
800 Gold
7 Carrots
1 Workbench
– 44 Wood
1 Bunny Habitat
– 66 Wood

Recommended Requirements
800 Gold
100 Carrots
1 Workbench
– 44 Wood
4 Bunny Habitats
– 264 Wood

Carrots can be found through spring and summer seasons in the wild. They spawn randomly and can spawn anywhere on the main islands. Carrots can also be purchased from Throne. In order to unlock this ability, you will need to play through Spring 26 of the first year to start the quest line. This will give you the “Carrot Shop” quest from Throne requiring 8 Wooden Board. Completing this unlocks “Supplies for Thorne” requiring 4 Large Wooden Boards delivered to Frank. Two days after completing this request Thorne’s Carrot Shop will be complete and you can purchase carrots for 80 gold per each. While each bunny requires only 7 carrots to tame, I have set a recommended 100 carrots for this as it is possible to accidentally feed an already fed rabbit. This allows for some error in the player’s action without messing up the setup.

The Workbench is automatically unlocked upon starting the game and can be crafted from your quick craft menu.

The Bunny Habitat takes a bit more to unlock. You will first need to purchase the Chicken Coop from the Upgrade Table at Frank’s. This requires 300 gold to purchase. 1 week after purchasing the Chicken Coop, you will receive a mail from Thorne starting the “Taming Bunnies” quest line. This quest line requires you to complete “Taming Bunnies”, “Carrots for a Bunny”, “Bunny Home”, & “Bunny Habitat”. These quests require you to speak to Thorne, deliver 7 carrots, and purchase the Bunny Blueprint from Frank at 500 gold.


A few notes before starting. I am unsure if this is intended to work the way it does in game and, while it is currently working as of writing, this may be patched out later. This form of completion also relies on a form of save scumming. While you are not creating multiple saves, you are relying on reloading a single save multiple times so if you are uncomfortable with this it may not be for you.

This is designed to work solely on the mainland island, not Kotiza. You can do this on Kotiza, but there are a few good reasons not to. First, Kotiza only has 8 bunnies that are spread out across the island. This makes it unappealing as the Mainland has 10 that are relatively close by. Second, Kotiza is an island meaning that you have to travel to the island each day adding extra time in your actions to complete this. The third and final, is that Kotiza is a unlock island. Kotiza itself takes 4 in game years to unlock and if you are trying to complete this early in the game, 4 years is far too long to deal with when you can do it by the first of Summer, Year 1.

Starting the Setup

This setup will explain the system as though you are using the recommended requirements setup as the base requirements work the same but only on one bunny instead of 10.

Setting this up is relatively easy. You will play through the game obtaining the requirements to setup everything up. While going through, keep a close eye out for the bunnies on the northeast of the mainland near Thorne’s house. There are 10 bunnies here and you will be looking to find all 10 spawned and in the wild before starting. There are 4 bunnies near the start of the connecting rock bridge to this part of the mainland, 2 bunnies near the waterfall, 3 bunnies near Thorne’s, and a single bunny between Thorne’s and Robert’s.

Once you have confirmed all 10 bunnies have spawned, you will setup the Bunny Habitats. Below is where I have setup mine to allow (what I feel) is the quickest way to track them back.

Once all 4 habitats have been placed, you will being to feed all 10 bunnies each day. On the 7th day, this feeding will cause the bunnies to follow you allowing you to lead them to a habitat and tame them.

This is the important part. Tame all 10 bunnies, but do not save or finish the day.

Once you have tamed all 10 bunnies, quit the game and go back to the main menu. While the game will not recognize you having tamed the 10 rabbits when you log back in, Steam will have recognized this. You can then repeat this the required 24 more times to unlock the Steam achievement.

Hopefully this helps more people complete such a taxing achievement in this game.

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