Gigapocalypse: 100% Achievement Guide

In this guide, I’ll describe how to get all the achievements.



Are you on a journey to world domination? Would it be awesome if you also got all the Steam achievements while destroying the human race? This guide will help you get all the achievements.

A lot of those achievements you’ll unlock just by playing the game and going through the levels, but in case you’re struggling with achievement, you can use this guide to find the solution. I would highly suggest to first go for the achievement to get all giga’s to max level once the other 4 levels are added before starting to grind for any achievement with a counter (building, people, damage, level-specific items).

I write this guide just a few days after the game releases in early access. I know from the developer that he will add a bunch more achievements later, which means this guide might be out of date later on. It isn’t possible to complete the game at this moment since a bunch of levels aren’t in the game yet.. I’ve marked the achievements which I think that aren’t unlockable with an underline.

Beating the levels

The following achievements you’ll unlock by beating all the levels.

Math Wizard
Finish the Suburbs level
This is the first level in the game.

The Duelist
Finish the Wild West level
This is the second level in the game.

You Shall Not Pass
Finish the Knight Age level
This is the third level in the game.

Mommy’s Very Angry
Finish the Lost Island level
This is the fourth level in the game.

Back To The Future
Finish the Metro Dome level
This is the fifth level in the game.

From Here To Eternity
Finish the Eternal City level
This is the final level in the game.


The following achievements all have something to do with your Giga’s.

Too Cool For School
Reach level 2 with any Giga

Feed, clean and play with your Giga for the first time

Destroy Erase Improve
Reach level 10 with any Giga

Chomp Chomp!
Feed Giga 10 times

Diaper Time!
Clean Giga poop 10 times

Final Evolution
Unlock the last skill with any Giga
You only have to unlock it by leveling up to level 25, you don’t have to put points into it.

Reach level 30 with any Giga

Destroy Everything
Reach the maximum level with all Giga
The maximum level of a Giga is 50, you need to reach this with all Giga’s for this achievement.

Mutant And Proud
Reach the maximum level of one mutation

Overwhelming Power
Reach maximum level with any skill

The Emperor’s New Clothes
Unlock a new skin
On the screen where you can select a Giga, you can customize the looks. A skin costs 10k points. The skins also have a special ability.

Fashion Victim
Unlock all skins for any Giga


The following achievements you’ll unlock by taking damage. You don’t have to get all the damage in one level, just the overall damage through the whole game counts. I would wait with grinding for this until you have all Giga’s at max level, my guess would be by that time you already will have those achievements.

Thick Skin
Take 10000 damage in total

Impenetrable Skin
Take 50000 damage in total

Undying Skin
Take 125000 damage in total

Immortal Skin
Take 200000 damage in total

Godlike Skin
Take 1000000 damage in total

Humans & Buildings

The following achievements you’ll unlock by killing humans and destroying buildings. I would wait with grinding for this until you have all Giga’s at max level, my guess would be by that time you already will have those achievements.

Quite A Snack
Slay 1000 humans

Lunch Before The Lunch
Slay 5000 humans

Feast Time
Slay 15000 humans

Target Practice
Destroy 500 buildings

Building Blocks
Destroy 1500 buildings

Destroy 3000 buildings


The following achievements you unlock by defeating bosses. You can beat the same boss multiple times to unlock those achievements, but by the time you have got every giga to max level you should already have got those achievements for killing bosses.

Glorious Battle
Defeat boss 3 times

Fight Me!
Defeat boss 6 times

Boss Hunter
Defeat boss 12 times

Power Ups

The following achievements you’ll unlock by receiving power-ups. I would wait with grinding for this until you have all Giga’s at max level, my guess would be by that time you already will have those achievements.

Power Up
Acquire 5 Power Up(s)

Power Overload
Acquire 10 Power Up(s)

Supreme Power
Acquire 20 Power Up(s)

Godlike Power
Acquire 40 Power Up(s)


The following achievements all have to do something with pets.

Who’s A Good Boy
Equip a pet

Loyal Companion
Reach maximum level of any pet
The max level of a pet is level 5.

Animal Lover
Equip pets in all slots of any Giga
You need to equip 5 pets by one Giga to unlock this.


The following achievements you’ll unlock by buying furniture. You can do this by pressing on the button at the lower right when of the screen where you can feed and pet your Giga. Some of them are a single buy, others you have the ability to level up.

Feng Shui
Buy your first piece of furniture

Happy Little Home
Buy 20 pieces of furniture

Level specific achievements
The following achievements you’ll need to do on specific levels. I would wait with grinding for this until you have all Giga’s at max level because you might already have killed a lot of those while leveling up all the Giga’s.


Destroy the cult building 5 times
You have to destroy those quickly when you see them because they will disappear quite quickly.

Meat Larder
Get 5 meat on a single run
Not sure if this achievement is level specific, but I got this on the first level after I became quite strong and killed buildings on the far right of the screen. (I was around level 5 with Ro’Gath)

A Phony Clown
Meet the dancing clown 10 times
This is the phone booth with a clown body on it which you sometimes can find in the Suburbs.

See You Later
Meet the alley gator 10 times
There is a chance that you’ll find one when you blow up a sewer, it is more a sewer gator than an alley gator 😛

Wild West

Got’em Totem
Destroy the totem 10 times
This building has the same idea as the “Octostructure” in Suburbs, they disappear very soon, so quickly destroy it when you see one.

Unlucky Luke
Meet the vigilante 7 times
This is the cowboy on the white horse. Once you have hit it enough it will be standing on it’s horse instead of sitting.

Zap hawkmen 5 times
I mostly found those at Wild west 2, it is flying in the air for a short time.

Knight Age

Cheesy Chess
Solve 5 chess puzzles
You need to hit all 3 chess pieces shattered over the level for it to count. So you need to replay this level at least 5 times if you don’t miss any.

Duck Knight
Zap 10 Duck Knights
Those knights are very fast and most of the time run out of the screen before you can kill them.

Lost Island

Fire Beacon
Light 10 fire beacons
This one is very easy as you’ll find plenty of beacons at this level.

Hearty Meteor
Destroy 10 meteors
Those are hard to find and also hard to catch. They fly quickly through the air from right to left. I think they always spawn around the beginning of a level or around the checkpoint, but I’m not totally certain about that.

Metro Dome

Octopy Mayhem
Defeat Octopy 5 times
This is a big octopus, you’ll have a hard time missing this.

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