Goat Simulator: Basic Controls

Goat Simulator is one of those games on Steam created by Coffee Stain Studios. in the game, you control a goat, headbutt people, drag chairs around the map with the goat’s long tongue and jump on trampolines. Before you start playing, this guide will show you the controls.


To move, press W, A, S or D. If you’re playing on Xbox controller, use the left joystick.

Move Camera
To move the camera, move the mouse. Use the right joystick on Xbox controller.

A fence is holding the goat hostage! To break free, press the spacebar to jump. Press A on Xbox controller.

To headbutt, left-click. Press RT if you’re on an Xbox controller.

Hold Shift while holding W to sprint. On Xbox controller, sprinting is free. (you don’t have to hold left joystick while moving)

To lick things, press E. If you’re playing on Xbox controller, press X.

To kick people with your back legs, press S then left-click. Pull back on left joystick and press RT on Xbox controller.

To baa, press 1. Press LB on Xbox controller.

To spin, hold right-click, press spacebar and press W, A, S or D. Hold LT, press A and use the left joystick on Xbox controller.

After all that heabutting, kicking and licking, you should have a short rest on the floor. Press Q to ragdoll. Press B on Xbox controller.

Wall Run/Wall Jump
Jump at a wall by pressing spacebar while sprinting and hold W to run up the wall. Press spacebar while on the wall to do a wall jump. Jump at the wall by pressing A while sprinting and use the left joystick to run up the wall on Xbox controller. Press A while on the wall to do a wall jump on Xbox controller.

Press W then S to manual, then repeatedly press W and S to keep your balance. Push Left Joystick in front of you and then toward you to manual, and the same to balance on Xbox controller.

Perfect Landing
Press spacebar just as you hit the ground after falling from a high height to do a perfect landing. Press A just as you hit the ground on Xbox controller.

Slow Motion
To enter slow motion, press F. Press back on Xbox controller.

Special Use
Some goats have special abilities. To use a special ability, press R. Press Y on Xbox controller.

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