Gold Drill: Official Game Guide

This is the official game guide
We hope you can help us proceed with the game


Tips for Cheat Code

How to use cheat codes:
– Stage Select > stages (only)
– Start the in-game then press the “H” key.

– You can watch the VCR
– Achievements are achieved
– You will get 3 hearts

– If you use it, It will be saved as “Cheater”


Don’t worry.

The level of difficulty of “Stage Select” is “Chicken”
Thank you.

Emergency mode?

If someone knocks on your room during gameplay…

Press the ‘Spacebar’ key on the keyboard or the ‘X’ button on the controller


‘Saving the Lambs!’ The cute game begins!

Protect yourself from your mother or sister


The game is easy and cute, so women can like it…

Be careful

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