GoldFish Brain: Hidden Chip Guide

Where to find the hidden Chip to get the achievement.



I spent way too much time attempting to find this, so I figured I’d help anyone else who was looking to get all the achievements. This Chip achievement is also required for the Chip Factory achievement, and finding the area it is in will help you complete the Draw A Map achievement (so if you were struggling with those, this should help).

Finding the keycard

There is a fake wall just beyond the item found on the bottom right most point of the B1 area. Running against it and swinging your crowbar should make it go away. (Here’s a game tip, fake blocks change lighting when you get near, unlike real blocks, so this helps identify them.)
In the unlocked room you’ll find ANOTHER fake wall, this time hiding an Unknown Keycard.

Finding the Chip room

However, where is the door that it unlocks? Well, that is behind a secret wall found ALL THE WAY at the start of the game. Yes, go back to the first area (where you learn movement) and there is a hidden wall to the left. A gate there will unlock if you have the keycard.

Now go through the door, grab the Chip and pet the cat!

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