Golf Around!: Achievements Guide 2022

Other guides seems to be outdated with deleted videos so i decided to create a new one.



Achievements count – 22
Time to 100% – 1.5 hours
MP required? – No
Buggy achievements – No


Hole in One
Get a Hole in One!

Hole in One Enthusiast
Get 10 Hole in Ones!

Hole in One Aficionado
Get 100 Hole in Ones!

Put the ball in the hole with one stroke. Could be done in editor by putting ball near hole and playing your map over and over.

Hole in Zero
Get a Hole in Zero! Impressive.

Put the ball directly above a hole in the editor and test your map. You could play mine for this cheevo as well.

Get diced in quarters!

Get sliced in two! Ouch!

Castle 1 map, hole 14, right path has swords.

Get burnt up!

Dungeon map, hole 18.

Get flattened into a pancake!

Castle 1 map, hole 13.

Get zapped by a laser!

There are different types of traps across all maps. Make sure you get killed by every of them.

What A Chicken!
Act like a chicken.

Show that you are honorable.

Castle 1 map. Hole 14. Take left path for chicken achievement and right one for honorable achievement.

Map Maker
Publish your first map!

Menu -> Editor -> Start. Place hole from “Floor” category, then spawn near hole and preview camera anywhere. File -> Save as -> name your map as you wish, then file -> save and publish.

Village Par
Shoot par on Village!

Complete all holes in 51 or less balls. Train at least 2 of them to complete in 1 shoot and use method described below for others.

Dungeon Par
Shoot par on Dungeon!

Complete all holes in 55 or less balls.

Snowy Par
Shoot par on Snowy!

Complete all holes in 56 or less balls.

Lab Par
Shoot par on Lab!

Complete all holes in 55 or less balls.

Vaporwave Par
Shoot par on Vaporwave!

Complete all holes in 64 or less balls.

Haven Par
Shoot par on Haven!

Complete all holes in 57 or less balls.

Steampunk Par
Shoot par on Steampunk!

Complete all holes in 61 or less balls.

Castle 1 Par
Shoot par on Castle 1!

Complete all holes in 60 or less balls.

Castle 2 Par
Shoot par on Castle 2!

Complete all holes in 66 or less balls.

Cyberpunk Par
Shoot par on Cyberpunk!

Complete all holes in 73 or less balls.

Set rounds strokes to 1 ball. Stroking out with 1 ball counts as completing hole with 3 balls. It allows to finish all maps except village without any problems (Beating all holes with stroke out will give you a result of 54 balls total).

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