Grand Theft Auto IV The Complete Edition: “Gobble Gobble” Achievement Guide

This guide will tell you how to get a “Turkey” in bowling, and unlock the “Gobble Gobble” achievement!


How to get a Turkey

First thing you will want to do is start a game of bowling, it doesn’t matter if it is a half game or a full game.

Choose the lane furthest to the left in the alley, I found it works easier in this lane.

Next, after Niko picks up the ball, you will have to position your shot. For the easiest strike every time, simply take two steps to the left.

When shooting the ball, aim as straight as you can on your mouse (or joystick) and send the ball quickly (if it is too slow, not all of the pins will fall). Try to send the ball through the first and and second pins (the first two pins in the front, on the left). You can adjust your shot accordingly after you send the ball out if need be.

Voila, if all the steps were done correctly, you should have gotten a strike! Simply repeat two more times and you should unlock the “Gobble Gobble” achievement. (You must get three strikes in a row to unlock the achievement)

That’s it! Once you get strikes down they come pretty easy. Happy Hunting!

By Vats

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