Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Cheats Guide for Android

Here is a cheat guide to help you enable the cheat mode in Android, including a complete list of all cheat codes.


How to Enter the Cheat Codes:

  • You need to connect the keyboard to your smartphone or tablet; this can be done via an OTG adapter.
  • If your smartphone does not support OTG mode, there are wireless Bluetooth keyboards.
  • If you don’t have a keyboard, you can use third-party apps to enable the virtual keyboard.
  • When you start pressing the keyboard, the camera will start to spin/twitch in different directions, to stop this, you need to slide your fingers across the screen on both sides at the same time, after activating the cheat code.
  • Enter codes during the game (codes will not work during a pause).


All Cheat Codes Android

Codes for CJ himself:

  • GONPXWR– Complete invulnerability, the player will not die from falling from a height, from explosions and will not drown in water, the Police Helicopter will not be able to kill the player, the vehicle the player gets into will become invulnerable and will not explode.
  • SLSNRKK – Adrenaline effect.
  • PJYNQCQ – Health, armor and $250,000 (as well as repairing the vehicle the player is driving and increasing the criminal rating to 40)
  • BFMANNZP – Carl jumps 10 times higher.
  • POOOJOX – An inexhaustible supply of lungs.
  • SLOTSFK – Instant death for CJ.
  • BYKGOAB – The police will ignore everything CJ does.
  • NCBXXDX – Increase your wanted level by two stars.
  • KDTZNHO – Reduce the wanted level to zero.
  • GWJZWC – Increase your wanted level to six stars.
  • AESHXWQI – Fat CJ.
  • SGVDSQW – Maximum muscle for CJ.
  • AWXDCRJ – Skinny CJ.
  • MTGIISR – Maximum respect.
  • APGZLQR – Maximum sexuality.
  • AEZLCKXU – Maximum endurance.
  • KBTMUVH – Carl never gets hungry.
  • CDGUDEP – Get a jetpack.
  • GSUMLEG – Get a parachute.
  • LRMYOJM – Super hit, kill with one hit.
  • NECUMZ – Infinite ammo and shooting without reloading.
  • BLOKKIK – Protected from bullets, enemies will not be able to kill CJ with guns.
  • BEFWKSBQ – Weapons, set 1 (brass knuckles, baseball bat, pistol, pump-action shotgun, Micro SMG, AK-47, shotgun, RPG, Molotov cocktails and spray paint).
  • SHHIHJG – Weapons, set 2 (fist, knife, Desert Eagle, sawn-off shotgun, TEC 9, M4, sniper rifle, flamethrower, fire extinguisher and grenades).
  • GOIZSSX – Weapons set 3 (fist, chainsaw, pistol with silencer, SPAS 12, SMG, M4, heat-seeking grenade launcher, remote detonation bombs and detonator).
  • BIEUHQY – Weapons, set 4 (Minigun, Single-Ended Dildo and Night Vision Device or Thermal Imager).

Codes for spawning cars:

  • DAHESZY – Golf Car Caddy
  • PSPNATX – Romero Hearse
  • AWPTMIIQ – Hydra Fighter
  • BIGLWCDD – Bloodring Banger
  • HPGPIJZ – Rancher SUV
  • BGJPSYC – Hotring Racer 73
  • BIEAVBAY – Hotring Racer 07
  • AYNVQVK – Rhino Tank
  • IXSMWCQ – Stretch Limousine
  • QPOLSVK – Trashmaster garbage truck

Codes for NPCs:

  • QAONHOH – Recruit anyone (hand grenade launcher).
  • AWIOMPH – Recruit anyone (AK-47).
  • JEZRPI – Recruit anyone (9mm pistol).
  • EAMLJNN – The Los Santos gang is everywhere, even where they don’t exist (for example, the Ballas in Las Venturas).
  • HAPOHXR – Gangs everywhere, control the streets.
  • AKOZBCH — Pedestrians with weapons attack each other.
  • NJXPCYE – All pedestrians are crazy.
  • FARYJHZ – Pedestrians will start attacking CJ.
  • ERFBFNI – Pedestrians with guns attack CJ.
  • GDNXHDK – All pedestrians are armed.
  • BWCMMTD – Beach theme.
  • HDLIWGB – The theme is a madhouse, there will be clowns and fast food sellers everywhere.
  • BNIZWSB – Pimp theme, the city will be taken over by pimps and prostitutes.
  • OAXCCRI – Rural theme.
  • AAUSQP – Ninja, people in black suits with swords.
  • LNHVOAE – Elvises are everywhere.

Codes for cars:

  • RYSMRM – Full aiming from the vehicle.
  • WUSDOTO – All cars have Nitro (acceleration)
  • IOKXTFJ – Aggressive drivers.
  • ENQCFMA – Traffic lights are always green.
  • GOYDVAO – The color of all cars turns black.
  • GYKVYTR – The color of all cars turns pink.
  • JTBCSN – Rural transport.
  • FRIUBIL – Sports cars.
  • DEHDRX – Reduced traffic.
  • BXBTUBTI – Any car you get into becomes practically indestructible, and when it collides with it, another vehicle explodes.
  • JBVIJXA – Cars fly upward when colliding with a player’s car.
  • BKFONFE – Blow up all surrounding cars.
  • DOTBSFK – Flying cars. Once you accelerate the car, you can take off.
  • PTHSEO – Flying boats. Once you accelerate the car, you can take off.
  • DLNNHZJ – Perfect machine control.
  • TDBKCEH – Amazing bunny hop (on bicycles).

Time codes:

  • OWAKIJ – Speed ​​up game time.
  • EHWBWDS – Speed ​​up gameplay (gameplay).
  • FNJFCZC – Slow down gameplay.
  • AWUJNBB – Always midnight. The game clock stops at 00:00. If you die, then after returning it will be noon – 12:00.
  • KTGDLXY – Stop time at 21:00.
  • YACKMWS – Fast forward four hours.

Codes for changing weather:

  • VBWEMQX – Cloudy weather.
  • EGCEBVM – Foggy weather.
  • TAVPIER – Rainy weather.
  • JBWDWWO – Buran (sandstorm).
  • AAEXPPQC – Sunny clear weather.
  • HTRTTVJ – Very sunny weather.
  • EAKILHM – Thunderstorm or storm.

Other codes:

  • BYIXZIY – Complete the current mission.
  • KRRIHBT – Forces all controls to appear on your smartphone screen.
  • AFJKBNRP – Professional Gambler.
  • JQFUDUB – To display dialogues of life, armor and pedestrians.
  • The code has not been found yet – Hitman for all weapon parameters.
  • Code not found yet – Maximum driving skill

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