GRAVEN: “Frozen in Rage” Achievement Guide

All locations of the collectible notes for the achievement “Frozen in Rage” are shown with screenshots and short descriptions.


Basic Information

If my screenshots and descriptions dont help you, i recommend finding the necessary parts in the Full Achievement Graven Playthrough of “Finsompi”.

Shivering Dead 1

Note 1

Can be found on the path towards the Ice spell. After leaving the village you have to take the left path.

Before you enter the underground fortress section you will find the note behind the heavy barrel.

Shivering Dead 2

Note 2

Can be found inside the underground fortress section.

In front of the altar.

Shivering Dead 3

Note 3

Can be found in an area near the large tower with purple barricades.

There’s a small camp in the cave. Between the sleeping bag and the fireplace is the journal.

Shivering Dead 4

Note 4

Can be found in the area with the gate that requires the Ice spell to pass through.

Just across the bridge.

Shivering Dead 5

Note 5

Can be found after getting the Ice spell. You will end up on the inside of this fortification with a lever to open the gate and a shortcut ladder on top.

Near the bloodsplatter on the wall inside.

Shivering Dead 6

Note 6

Can be found in the final area after getting the Ice spell and looping back towards the village. Also easy to backtrack to if the watergate is unlocked already.

On the crosshair.

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