GRAVEN: “Putrefaction” Achievement Guide

All locations of the collectible notes for the achievement “Putrefaction”, shown with screenshots and short descriptions.


Basic Information

If my screenshots and descriptions dont help you, i recommend finding the necessary parts in the Full Achievement Graven Playthrough of “Finsompi”.

The Undecaying Cult 1

Note 1

can be found after leaving the Archive and going to the Black House Bog. To the left of the character in the first screenshot you will find a ladder leading you up the wall and a path towards the tower.

Get to the tower.

Climb the ladder halfways. Beware of the one zombie.

The Undecaying Cult 2

Note 2

can be found after opening the pathway towards the Black House.

To the right of the crosshair.

The Undecaying Cult 3

Note 3

can be found by walking counter-clockwise upon reaching the Black House. There are a bunch of huts with one containing the note.

Get into the hut thats in the crosshair.

Next to the bed.

The Undecaying Cult 4

Note 4

If you continue the loop from Note 3, or you walk clockwise from the Black House front door, you encounter this hut.

Get into the hut.

On the front side of the fireplace.

The Undecaying Cult 5

Note 5

can be found inside the Black House in the master bedroom and several enemies along with an ambush from above.

On the cupboard to the right of the bed.

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