Graveyard Keeper: “Better Save Soul” DLC Tips

Here are some tips for the new DLC: Better Save Soul. these tips will contain spoilers.


Unlocking DLC

To unlock DLC, throw some carrots in a box and wait till donkey brings you two bodies at once.
Bring Sand (river, NW of church) and Beer (bronze, you can buy it at Dead Horse tavern).

New resources and items

Soul gratitude is used as payment for buying technologies. High soul gratitude will result in more Faith after special prayer. Remote crafting is also somehow affected.

Sin shards are used for crafting.

  • Soul container furniture requires it
  • Story creation
  • Alternative fertilizer
  • Three new prayers
  • Modifying body parts (adding skulls)

Modified body parts are just like normal body parts except they have more white and red skull icons. Made in a workshop. Even parts like Blood or Fat that never have 3 white skulls can be modified to have 3 white skulls. This allows you to create 65% efficiency zombie with 24 white skulls.

Harmed soul is a soul “created” in Soul Extractor. It has to be healed in Soul Healer.

Healed soul is a soul after healing in a Soul Healer. Can be released in a Soul Portal to receive Soul gratitude.

Both Harmed soul and Healed soul will deteriorate unless kept in a Soul Container (furniture).

Extracting souls

Put new body into extraction machine. Click “extract”. If it doesn’t work then body already has sin fragment in the body (you can remove it with surgery) and soul cannot be extracted.


Healing allows you to change unhealthy soul into healthy soul.

You can upgrade healing machine.

  • buy a perk
  • build and upgrade
  • add an organ into healing machine

You can upgrade healing organs with Workshop with fragments of sins. It is unclear how does it work.

Organ upgrades:
all organs -3/+3, fresh soul, spiritual magnetism (x2 shards) = healed soul + 14 sin shards

Saving souls

Healed souls can be put into third machine and saved.
This will increase you soul gratitude (limited by equipment) and give you sin shards.

Remote craft control

Remote craft control allows you to do things… remotely. It uses Soul gratitude as fuel, lost amount depends how much work action takes. If something does not require energy, it will not use any Soul gratitude.

To receive remote control map, open soul workshop, open trap door, clear the room, repair three machines and contact poet, read poem to Bishop while having Sin shard, do first Soul Healer upgrade (pride) and talk with Euric You will receive map upgrade called Remote Craft Control.

To use it you have to build Soul receiver in each location you want to access remotely.


  • Old Graveyard (downstairs) allows you to make potions and powders. Ingredients are taken from chests and shelves. Prepared potions are left in chests and shelves.
  • Old Graveyard (church upstairs) allows you to use candles and incense remotely. For lazy people only. You cannot do remote prayer.
  • Mortuary allows you to enbalm bodies that are already laying on table. Useless if you have chain of tables, each one with different embalming fluid.
  • Sweet home, cooking and work
  • Garden, zombie farms and compost heaps
  • Quarry allows you to produce Stone (slabs) and Iron Ore.
  • Winery (DLC?)
  • Talking skull (DLC), cooking
  • Refugee camp (DLC) allows you to pick what they produce on farm.


DLC does not progress?
Clean up his room, repair three machines.

Vagner is no longer in Dead Horse tavern?
Send him a letter using Royal Services (by the church door).
Bring Ink-and-Pen.
Next day visit Royal Services again.
Bring 50 silver.

Where do I create sauce?
After you get receipe from Clotho, go to Church workshop.
Mysterious food sauce takes Seed Oil, Chicken Egg and Salt.

Cleanup in front of Dead Horse is bugged?
No, you have to fix broken glass, barrel and another barrel above first barrel. That one is hard to see.

Things you could miss
You can now build chest inside church. You can keep prayers, incense and candles there and use them while your inventory is full.

All body parts have white and/or red skulls. Some of them have negative skulls. For example, blood has +1 red skull and -1 white skull. This mean if you put blood into body, it will add one red skull and will erase white skull. If you modify blood to add white skull, you will get modified blood with just +1 red skull. You can increase it up to +3 red skull, +3 white skull.

Pellets in Souls Workshop are useless, but they increase Soul gratitude limit by 1. You can fit six of them there to achieve maximum of 136 Souls gratitude.

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