Greak Memories of Azur: All Achievements Guide

A complete guide to getting all the achievements in Greak: Memories of Azur with advice to spare.



This guide is not a walkthrough and is meant to be read after you finish your first playthrough. Please try to enjoy the game for what it is before attempting to attain all the pretty achievables.

There are 24 achievements.

Missable achievements will be labelled as such and can be searched using CTRL + F ‘missable’.

Also, spoilers.

Story achievements

Achievements that are gained through playing the video game. All cannot be missed.

Contains all boss fights with some tips on how to kill each and every one of them.

The Adventure Begins

Arrive at the Raven’s Road Camp.

Beat the tutorial. Yeah that’s about it and you don’t have to attack any of the enemies either.

Immune to Arrows

Defeat Glekt Kahnem, The Urlag Scout Leader.

Kill the first boss. This is also a great time to go for a flawless boss fight and unlock ‘Perfect Victory’ as the game will get more difficult later on.

– The best to kill all enemies in the entire game is to simply charge them down and spam attacks at point-blank range, and the same goes for this boss.
– Don’t stay in his sight for too long otherwise he will launch a homing arrow which can invalidate a flawless boss fight.

Better Together

Defeat Kaafor Jor Dza, The Urlag Warlock.

Kill the second boss. By the time you reach this fight you will have also rescued Adara.

– Team up Greak and Adara and try to get within melee range of the boss.
– Watch out for his ground pound and ground fire attacks, as they can be difficult to react and dodge when getting too aggressive.

Fearless Courine

Defeat Ryssar Odekt, The Urlag Bonebreaker.

Kill the third boss. This boss is difficult so be prepared and cook some food.

– Wait for the boss to be stunned before attacking if you’re unsure about being extra aggressive.
– All his mace attacks can be dodged by jumping to the other side of his mace slams.
– After a mace slam, he will initiate a quick swing at you whenever you’re close to him, which can be dodged by jumping.
– Keep about two mace lengths away from him whenever he isn’t vulnerable.
– During rage mode, all attacks are done in threes and in quick succession.

Just in Time

Defeat Ankar, The Urlag Frost Warlord.

Kill the fourth boss. This is the second best time to go for a flawless boss fight if you haven’t already done so. This is also when you rescue Raydel.

– Teaming up is incredibly important here, so keep Raydel and Adara close to each other.
– Adara will automatically attack when in range of an enemy, even when behind Raydel’s shield.
– Keep Raydel’s shield up whenever you’re not confident in attacking.
– Change Raydel’s shield stance when the boss is launching his shattering icicles attack.
– When the boss charges you and collides with Raydel while having his shield up, the boss will collapse to the floor for a fair amount time. This will be an excellent time to deal as much damage as possible.

Stronger Than Laurean

Defeat Ivekt, The Urlag Conqueror.

Kill the fifth boss. You will almost be guaranteed to lose the fight the first time but will learn very quickly from your mistakes.

– Do not move towards the boss and try to attack with brute force as this will lead to a quick loss.
– The best way to win this fight is to let him move towards your team and stay near a bell.
– Do not attack him unless he is stunned by one of the bells.
– Hit a bell to stun the boss in a small radius and for a short amount of time.
– If he grabs any of the characters, they will be trapped in a cocoon and can only be freed by hitting it.

Memories of Azur

Finish the game.

Kill the sixth (and final) boss and beat the game. There’s also a long-winded puzzle section so grab some water.

Puzzle Tips:
– There are three seals to break, with each on the left (grapple), middle (crawl) and bottom (underwater and laser) of the map.
– Greak is the only character capable of reliably moving across all dual teleporters without the aid of another companion.
– Greak can navigate through all of the underwater sections if you’re good enough at swimming.
– The grapple seal can be completed by Greak double jumping off of the upper right curved corner.
– Only Greak can crawl and destroy the middle seal.
– Raydel and Greak/Adara are required for breaking the underwater seal.

Boss Strategy:
– Either block any of the boss’s attacks or get in close and spam melee hits if its attack doesn’t deal direct damage.
– It does not have any quick attacks when visible, so once you know which attack it’s performing you can then decide what to do next.

Quest achievements

Achievements related to questing and other tasks. Some of these can be missed but others are mandatory for progressing through the story.

Courine’s Recipe

Complete the “A Taste from Home” quest.

Is missable but is extremely hard to miss. Pick up three mushrooms and make a soup from the mushrooms. The cauldron to the right of the shops is used to combine certain ingredients into something more condensed in healing.

This quest can be initiated by talking to Riiam beside the cauldron.

A View of Azur

Look from the telescope.

Easily missable. Fix the telescope and look through the telescope. The telescope lens can be bought from Meldamus, the travelling merchant.

The quest is ‘Looking Far Away’.

This quest can be initiated by inspecting the broken telescope at the top of the tower to the left of the resting spot but it isn’t necessary for completing this quest.

An Escape Plan

Complete the “An Escape Plan” quest.

Not sure if this is missable but it doesn’t hurt to complete. Find four ropes located in Velhora Waterfalls to the left of town. I would add details on where exactly each rope is located at but it’s practically impossible to do so without a map. You’re better off looking up a video on the whereabouts of the ropeabouts.

This quest can be initiated by talking to Toros to the left side of town, in front of the airship.

I Missed Your Light

Complete the “The Missing Oracle” quest.

Rescue Adara. This achievement cannot be ignored as the game isn’t completable without Adara.

Tip: her hover ability is capable of moving in any direction, including upwards.

A Family Reunion

Complete the “Following His Light” quest.

Rescue Raydel. This also cannot be ignored as all three characters are required to progress through certain checkpoints.

– Raydel can double jump while remaining shielded.
– His grapple is best used when quickly tapped and not aiming at anything.
– Keep his shield up when companions are nearby for almost guaranteed protection.

Scout’s Training

Obtain the Scout Medal.

Missable. Complete three scouting quests as part of the ‘Scout’s Training’ achievement. Each one has to be turned in before starting the next.

Scout Training: kill 5 Plague Crawlers. It’s the slow walking ghoulish thing that appears very often.
Agile Enemy: kill 10 Plague Bats. They’re the flying, charging bats.
Getting Rid of the Plague: kill 5 Plague Kahans. It’s that leaping quadruped from the tutorial.

These quests can be initiated by talking to Zack, located in various parts of town depending on story progression.

– Enemies don’t deal contact damage, only from delayed melee attacks.
– Best way to kill all enemies as Greak is to charge at them and spam attacks.
– Second best way to kill all enemies is to dodge the first attack then retaliate with melee hits.
– Greak’s roll is a dodge move and will prevent damage from basically every attack.

Always With You

Deliver Darian’s Diary to Riiam.

Highly missable. Retrieve the journal from Darian’s body and return it to Riiam.

This item can be easily overlooked so don’t get too hasty and return to town from talking to Mirela.

After killing Ivekt (the fifth boss), interact with the body of Darian and retrieve his journal. Give this journal to Riiam to complete the quest and receive the ‘Scout Journal’ relic (important for completing ‘Courine Legacy’).

Altar achievements

Challenge achievements meant to test the players’ mechanical skills. Each completion of an altar challenge will reward the player with an extra hit point to the relevant character and its respective achievement. All are missable and are particularly difficult to complete.

The Scout’s Path

Complete the challenge at the Scouts’ Altar.

Only accessible by Greak. Located in the bottom right corner of Zyndra Forest through a crawl space.

– Use your crossbow to save a little time on some of the targets.
– Go in a circular path to shave off as much time as possible when hitting all the targets.
– You can do this without using the crossbow, but you’re going to be very tight on time.

The Oracle’s Path

Complete the challenge at the Oracles’ Altar.

Only accessible by Adara. Located through the long underwater section in Sorkh Ashen.

– Aim her attacks at above targets.
– Her hover ability can be used to gain a little height.

The Warrior’s Path

Complete the challenge at the Warriors’ Altar.

Only accessible by Raydel.

– Surfaces and targets can be grappled and will work the same way a grapple point does.
– Do not aim his grappling hook as this usually doesn’t work and will waste a lot of time.

Completion achievements

Achievements related to accomplishing gathering a certain amount of something. All are missable.

More Than You Need

Hold more than 500 Cribes.

Have at least 500 Cribes at any one time. Cribes are the currency of the game are the small blue gems that drop commonly. Cribes are shared between all characters. This achievement is fairly easy to complete as long as you take some time to explore other areas within the game.

Tip: Meldamus, the travelling merchant buys your items for 20% more than the shopkeepers.

Forest Restorer

Defeat 30 Plague Crawlers.

Kill 30 Plague Crawlers. Plague Crawlers are the wandering ghouls that you first encounter in the tutorial. It’s quite hard to not have at least 30 kills by the end of the game as they spawn very frequently and are easy to kill.

Azur’s Delights

Cook all 11 edible ingredients combination results.

Cook all 11 possible recipes. This one requires a cookbook, and luckily I have one right here.

If you were to follow this guide, you will likely have cook the last food item (Danyab Jam) at Sorkh Ashen.

Adding an Azur Flower to any dish will create an Azur Infusion.

- Mushroom Soup:        two Mushrooms + something else
- Yird Muffin:          two Yird Seeds + something else
- Homemade Veggo Bread: two Veggo Roots + something else
- Steamed Mane Root:    two Mane Roots  + something else
- Vegetable Skewer:     any three ingredients excluding Dragon Fruit/Danyab Fruit
- Bowl of Vegetables:   Yird Seed + Veggo Root + Kadimah Flower
- Vegetable Pie:        Dragon Fruit/Danyab Fruit + any two ingredients
- Kadimah Crepe:        two Kadimah Flowers + something else
- Dragonfruit Pudding:  two Dragon Fruits + something else
- Danyab Jam:           two Danyab Fruits + something else
- Azur Infusion:        Azur Flower + any two ingredients
A Perfect Victory

Defeat one Urlag Boss without being damaged.

Kill a boss without taking damage. This achievement will only be invalidated when you take damage during the boss fight (when the bosses’ health bar is visible on the screen).

Your best chances of getting this is to kill Glekt Kahnem (first boss), followed by Ankar (fourth boss).

Courine Legacy

Collect the 15 Relics in the game.

Have all 15 relics in the inventory. You should have 14 relics before proceeding to the final area.


- Family Drawing: you get this from the start. Cannot be missed.

- Scout Medal: obtained after completing all three scouting quests given by Zack.

- Advanced Crossbow: bought from Valgor, the blacksmith. Buy it early as he will not be around after a certain point, late into the story.

- Scout Elixir Root: reward for completing the Scouts' Altar challenge. Gives an additional health point to Greak, increasing his health to 5.

- Arcane Bracelet: located in the two character puzzles area in Velhora Waterfalls. Allows Adara to charge her attacks to deal more damage and penetrate enemies.

- Oracle Talisman: located slightly underground in an area inaccessible with only Greak. Reduces Adara's mana cost when casting her attacks.

- Viraane Magic Ring: found in Viraane Ruins and is easily spotted as a small pink object to the left of an Azur Flower. Grants Adara infinite underwater breathing.

- Oracle Elixir Root: reward for completing the Oracles' Altar challenge. Gives an additional health point to Adara, increasing her health to 5.

- Telescope Lens: bought from Meldamus for 75 Cribes. Is needed to fix the telescope.

- Courine Codex: bought from Meldamus for 120 Cribes. Used to translate the ancient Courine texts located throughout the game.

- Laurean Sword Hilt: obtained by talking to Zack as Raydel. Allows Raydel to charge up a stronger melee swing.

- Warrior Elixir Root: reward for completing the Warriors' Altar challenge. Gives an additional health point to Raydel, increasing his health to 6.

- Map of Azur: given by Toros. Probably impossible to miss.

- Scout Journal: obtained by handing in Darian's journal to Riiam. Easily missed. See the 'Always With You' achievement for more information.

- Primeval Cribe: obtained at the end of the game. Cannot be missed.

Benchmark achievements

Achievements related to completing the game under a certain condition. All are missable and fairly difficult to accomplish.

The Winds Guide Me

Finish the game saving your progress maximum 5 times in total.

Finish the game with 5 or less saves. There is no autosaving so be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Keeping a lot of food and Azur Infusions and splitting them evenly among the characters is vital for reducing the pain of saving far less often that you usually would. Save only before the tougher fights and you should have less than 5 saves before the final battle.
– Azur Infusions only work on the character that is holding it.
– Fast travel to save a lot of time when completing quests.
– Only save before the more difficult boss fights or if you’re desperate and need a safety net.
– You can reload from the save point as many times as you want.

As Fast as the Winds

Finish the game in under 3 hours.

Fairly difficult if you do not know the proper path for completing the game. Look up videos online of speedruns if you need guidance on where to go next. I was able to complete this game in about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

– Pausing the game will also pause the timer.
– You can check your time without saving by interacting with a save point.
– If you wasted too much time on a quest, you can simply reload the last save and the timer will be changed as well.
– Greak’s roll is slightly faster than his run speed.
– Prevent characters from being briefly stunned after falling by double jumping or hovering shortly before landing.

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