Green Hell: “Spirits of Amazonia” Walkthrough

In this guide you will learn how to complete Green Hell “Spirits of Amazonia”. SO MANY SPOILERS!!!!


My favorite Foreword.

Before you dive into reading this guide, think about whether your experience will be spoiled after this…


Each section will be equal to one map on which actions will take place to continue the story. You can see your tasks so far in the book by pressing n and selecting the first tab.

1st Map.

The beginning of the plot of Spirits.

You are Jake Higgins, the protagonist of Green Hell. Your boat has successfully parked on the ground. Get down to her.
Initially – burn Pedro, your carrier. Also check the radio.

Now move to the bigger boat – the steamer. It is located to the right of your boat, on the edge of the swamp.
Go into the uppermost room ( like you need to swim down the left side, then jump to the deck below, turn 180 degrees, go left again, swim to the hatch, then go up the stairs ), take the map from the box.

Here is the fully open map. Move to the tribal village.

Talk to the leader. He will give you a task – to gain 800 trust.
How to dial it? As follows (within the first map):

  • 1) Return children to the village (white on the map above) – 30 trust.
  • 2) Giving bandages to the wounded natives in the caves (green on the map) – 30 trust.
  • 3) Burn corpses (black on the map) – 20 trust.
  • 4) Release captives (in large camps) – 30 trust.
  • 5) Break large and small camps of the natives – 40 and 5 trust.
  • 6) Fulfill legends – 100 trust.

You can learn more about legends in my guide: Green Hell “Spirits of Amazonia Part 1”

As soon as you collect 800 trust – go to the leader. Talk to him. He will give you herbs for the ritual. Use them on this bowl ( do not forget to put a small fire under the bowl and light it up ).
After drinking the soup, pass the test. Just grow the right plant with water drops for each injured native. And keep predators away from the wounded!
For completing this task – you will receive a piece of the Trust Token of the village of the 1st map.

2nd Map.

Go to these coordinates:
Go to the right side of the cave. I stand with my back to the exit to the location of the 2nd map.
Go to these coordinates, where you will pick up a map and an antenna that will need to be installed on the boat ( I will remind you of this at the end ).
The map will be in a basket or box.
Stomp to the new village, where you will need to talk to the leader again.
800 trust. Working on the basis of this guide: Spirits of Amazonia Part 2
Trust is gained, which means that you need to talk to the leader again. He will give you herbs to use on the ritual bowl, as in the first village.
We taste, we pass the task – to kill 3 animals that are depicted on the stones ( perhaps in some order, perhaps not ). If you fail the test, the animals will change.
For passing, you will again receive a part of the Token:
IMPORTANT!Don’t forget to pick up the antenna from the pickup truck ( it’s in the same place as the map ) and install it on your boat. Try using the radio.

3rd and 4th Maps.

After completing both rituals, go here:
Climb down the rope, show the BOYYYY the Tokens.He will throw you a rope that will take you to the next location.
In the new territory, go to this place and climb up:
Having climbed up, walk to the airport, where you will pick up the 3rd and 4th maps:
Now move on to the 3rd village by dropping down at this location:
Once you’re downstairs, run towards the village:

Chat with the leader. Get 800 trust with this guide:

Collected, right? Well, make the leader give you herbs so that you perform the 3rd bowl ritual, in which you will need to look for 3 fish of each type ( at the beginning 3 perches, then 3 small fish, at the end 3 aravanas ). Piranhas hover around the fish.

For the fact that you complete this mission – you will receive the last part of the Token.

That’s not all! Pick up the fourth map. Go to the tent in which the 5th map will lie.

Taking a map ( hate this word ), march to this place ( on the 4th map ):

When you arrive, you will see a native with a spear – he is peaceful, but he will not let you in just like that. Talk to him to find out why.

5th Map.

The man with the spear told you about some Snake’s Pass ( what? ). Along the way, collect tree resin ( white goo from dead trees, 3 pieces ) – it will come in handy.

Where is it to be found? To do this, you will have to return to the first map (in the last section, look at the left side of the 4th map – you will see a hand with a rope that leads to the territory of the first map). After finding this place, jump into the hole:

Go through the mini cave. When you get to the top, turn left.

Pass through the Snake’s Pass by throwing off the stone and walking across the bridge. This is, by the way, a completely new area ( finally ).
Here is a map with everything you need to complete the story:

First of all, go to the face circled in yellow. There you will find another warrior with a spear who will tell you that you must show your 200% in order to see the leader Kiwini and earn the trust of the tribe.

To prove yourself – you need to create improved versions of Trust Tokens in the furnaces of the Moon Caves.
But Jake did not understand what the Moon Caves were, so he decided to go to the boat to talk to Mia. This is what you do.

Talk to Mia on the radio, then inspect the boat for holes and malfunctions.
The left side has holes, so you need to build a structure to turn the ship over ( it will be possible to build when you inspect the ship ):

Build it and turn the ship on its side:

This is where the same tree resin comes in handy, with which it will be possible to patch holes. When patched – return the ship to its normal position by cutting rope:

Begin to return to the territory of the 5th map. On it you will need to find 3 Moon caves, which I circled on the map above in blue. Here are screenshots with coordinates if you don’t understand the map:
You have to swim to this one ( at the bottom of the map ).

The entrance is on the mountain in the center of the map.

The cave is on the left side of the map.

Each Moon cave will contain a furnace, under which you need to place a small fire. In the furnace itself you need to put a piece of Trust Token. Each oven requires a unique piece. Let me show you the example of one cave.

After collecting all the improved versions of the Tokens, return to the warrior circled in yellow on the 5th map. There will be a totem next to it, in which you need to put all the Tokens.

After that, he will let you go further. After passing, you will find not the leader Kiwini, but a new bowl, which can already be used. So we do.

The purpose of the ritual is to defeat enemies without dying. As you pass, the fog will envelop you more and more. In the end, you will hear Mia and a passage will open for you. Run to it.

cutscene will begin, in which there will be a fierce party. You have officially earned the trust of the tribe and have seen the leader Kiwini. When the party is over, you will wake up in a cave in front of the mushrooms that Higgins came for. 100% Take them with you.

Get out of the cave by finding the lowered rope. Don’t be afraid to jump down. Find yourself on the second map on the right side, where the action of the 3rd part of the Spirits began.

Return to the ship and hover over the steering wheelThe End ( Maybe this is a good ending, since I survived the last chalice ritual ).

By Kaiman

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