Guild Wars 2: How to Fish

This guide servers as an introduction, showcase, and guide to fishing in Guild Wars 2.



This video is an overview of fishing in Guild Wars 2. It goes over most of what is discussed in this guide in less than 3 minutes while also showcasing gameplay and other aspects of fishing.

Fishing is an incredibly popular mechanic in many different games. From old school to modern, many different titles have fishing in some capacity. From an active minigame like in Stardew Valley, to a more sedentary activity like in World of Warcraft, or even being a straight up away-from-keyboard activity like in Black Desert Online: fishing in video games can take shape in a variety of different ways.

Fishing has entered the game with the most recent expansion to Guild Wars 2, End of Dragons. A long-awaited feature that has been planned from the start and heavily desired form the community for over a decade: fishing meets the expectations of many players. A fun, active minigame that allows players to pass some time or dedicate hours to fishing across Tyria and becoming one of the greatest anglers that has ever lived.

Getting Started

In order to unlock fishing, you must complete the first chapter of the End of Dragons story. In order to do this, you must also have End of Dragons unlocked on your account.

You can decide to do the entire story in order and eventually reach End of Dragons, or you can skip ahead and do the first part of the story if you do not mind spoilers.

In order to access your End of Dragons story: Open your Hero Panel (Default press H), find the star icon on the left hand side of the panel and click on it, navigate to End of Dragons, and begin the story until you complete the “Old Friends” story mission.

Once you complete the mission, you will have fishing permanently unlocked on your account and you can begin fishing.

You can begin fishing by pressing the mastery button (Default press J) or by clicking on the mastery button your skill bar.

In order to fish, you must have bait and/or lure equipped. In order to obtain baits and lures, you can purchase them from various fishing merchant around the world.

One merchant that you can buy fishing supplies from is the Dock Worker at Sanctum Harbor in Lion’s Arch.

The waypoint code to reach this merchant is: [&BC8EAAA=]

You can copy paste this code (everything in the brackets with the brackets as well) into any chat in-game to get a clickable link to this waypoint.

Once you purchase baits and lures, you can equip them in your fishing panel. You can access your fishing panel by pressing “5” when you have your fishing rod equipped or by navigating to it through your hero panel.

Catching a Fish

Once you have unlocked fishing, have equipped bait and lures, have your fishing rod in hand, and have found a body of water: you may begin fishing.

When holding your fishing rod, you can begin fishing by pressing “Cast Line” which is the first ability with the fishing rod. This is a ground target ability that allows you to target in area of water that you would like. Drag your mouse over to any water and then press the ability again to cast your line.

Once your line is cast, you now wait until a fish bites!

You can tell that a fish bites your line when your bobber splashes and you get a red exclamation point above your head.

Once a fish bites, activate your first ability again to set the hook. Upon setting your hook, a mini game will begin.

Your objective is to keep the green bar (the fish you are trying to catch) within the yellow bar. You move the yellow bar by reeling in left (by pressing a, 2, or ←) or by reeling in right (by pressing d, 3, or →).

While you keep the green bar inside of the yellow bar, you will fill up the lower bar. The green bar being outside of the yellow bar will deplete the lower bar. Once the lower bar is full, you will catch the fish.

For a full demonstration of what fishing looks like, you should check out my full fishing video. I showcase the fishing mini-game at 0:44.

Fishing Collections

The primary objective that most people go for with fishing in Guild Wars 2 is to complete all of the various different fishing collections.

There are collections to catch every type of fish in each End of Dragons map alongside each region of the world that released prior to the End of Dragons expansion.

Different fish have different parameters to be met in order to catch them.

  • Time of day (Day, Night, Dawn/Dusk)
  • Favored Bait (Such as Freshwater Minnows or Glow Worms)
  • Fishing Hole (Open water or a specific hole)

Time of day

Time of day can be found on the Guild Wars 2 wiki page:

Note that Cantha has a different day-night schedule compared to the rest of Tyria.

Favored Bait

You can equip different baits in order to catch certain types of fish. Some bait can be purchased from different merchants and some bait can only be caught while fishing.

For a full list of bait and how to obtain them, visit the relevant Guild Wars 2 wiki page:

Fishing Hole

You can fish anywhere where there is water, but if you take some time to explore around the world you can find different fishing holes. These include holes such as Boreal Fish, Coastal Fish, Desert Fish, and many more. You can find fishing holes in relevant maps.

You can navigate your different fishing collections to figure out what fish you need to catch. You can look at each fish to see what you need to do to catch it.

For example, in order to catch a Royal Pike in any Kryta map: It must be day time, you must be using Freshwater Minnows as bait, and you must be fishing in a Lake Fish Hole.

If you have a difficult time navigating the achievement panel, wiki pages, and the world: Ferthi.1875 created a comprehensive fishing spreadsheet:

This spreadsheet lays out a ton of different resources for fishing in Guild Wars 2. The most important part of this spreadsheet are the maps showing locations and routes for all of the best fishing holes for each region of the world.

As you complete various collection, you unlock various rewards including titles themed after prestigious titles from the original Guild Wars. You can also eventually unlock the Spiritwood Fishing Pole skin. Players can also unlock a wide variety of different rewards including unique armor skins, tonics, and minis.


I hope this guide was helpful for you. If you have any questions about fishing, or Guild Wars 2 in general, feel free to leave them in the guide comments or the comments any of my YouTube videos.

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