Gunmancer: How to Work on Linux

So when ever you start the game through steam you get an error saying .exe file doesn’t exist. The file you run is actually a .x86_64 file, of which this will walk you through creating a menu option so that you can run the game. *sigh*, yes this is for Linux noobs. Also please be nice to the new guys entering Linux.


What error you get when you run it through steam on Linux
Steam looks for a .exe file of which gunmancer isn’t installed with. So you get the following error that occurred during loading of the file.

How to fix the problem (making desktop short cut)
So gunmancer will run if put through terminal, just not in-built through steam. To create a desktop short cut on Ubuntu version 20.04, or many other Debian variants you would use the in-built menu creation item.
Click on new item, then add the path and the file with extension as the command. Which would be on your device – ‘/home/userName/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Gunmancer/Gunmancer.x86_64’

Then it should pop while browsing through applications, and you should be able to run it.

General advice if your a noob to Linux gaming
Proton by this point runs many games without issue (Satisfactory, The elder scrolls V: Skyrim(not remaster), Divine divinity all work on Linux through proton without issue). However some Gamemaker games have some issues that require minimal tinkering. Getting wine set up for the exception in what you play may be needed depending on the games you play. Follow this article to install games with Directx for wine –

Linux config’s improve your wine gaming[]

and just set-up a desktop short-cut to run it through wine through terminal.

The previous Gamemaker games you won’t need to install directx/vulkan compatibility though. Just set it up to run a command through terminal and the application will run through terminal. Make sure to check what is required for the game that you want to run to run, and Look every step need to run said application.

Tips for search engines; always include technical keywords, avoid using previous tense, Include error names/codes in what your search, and include simplistic/minimalistic everything else to rap the search around what your trying to find. When typing questions into a forum put full documentation as to what your problem is. This includes the error code, changed made to the computer’s drivers/software, related device logs, . . . ect. If you find a new error or a new problem that you don’t about search up all related terminology, every error you encounter look up all related details associated with the error, and never rely on a single source of information to provide you with a solution and cross reference different solution. You will never have a whole answer in one place, you have to piece together the pieces to find a solution to a computer related problem.

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