Haiku the Robot: Arcadia Interactive Map

An interactive map for the world of Arcadia. Keep track of which collectibles you have claimed, what still needs to be collected and never worry about getting lost again!



As of current, the map is not fully complete. Collectibles and key locations will be added as time goes on.

Arcadia Interactive Map[wildryce.github.io]

This map is still a work in progress, so if there is anything missing, it will probably be added soon.

If there are any request for a feature, I can look into adding it as well

Map Info

This map is designed to help navigate the world of Arcadia, keeping track of what has been collected and what is still hidden in the world to claim.

The map features icons on the map to show where in the world collectibles, upgrades, and more are located.


With the map, you are able to click on any icon in the world, to mark it as either ‘collected’ or ‘not collected’ (which is visualized as the icon becoming translucent for collected, and opaque as not collected).

Along with this, any item groups can either been hidden or shown by clicking on one of the groups on the top-left legend panel. Don’t need any more disruptors cleared out? Hide them! Looking for only¬†specific¬†pickups? Disable all but that! Use it however it is needed.

A little preview of these features in action

More features are planned to be implemented at some point.


If there is any feedback, bug reports or so, please feel free to post them on the github repo, as that is where I frequent.

Github Repo Page[github.com]

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