Handyman Legend: 100% Achievements Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Handyman Legend.


Starting achievement for noobs.

  • You work too much – (You don’t have to rack your brains, well, or you have to, literally.) You need to work hard, tirelessly, work so that you don’t have enough strength to get to work and you fall off your moped like a bag potatoes.

To be continued.

  • No excitement! – Just paw it like crazy, grab it everywhere and success awaits you! No, a failure, but for you it is also a kind of success (in obtaining this achievement).
  • I rate you one out of five – When there is no money, there is no respect from the bartender. Although what am I talking about, even when you have money, they will look at you like a piece of shit, pouring fuel into a container. Came, did not pay – got a pendal in the ass.
  • Heavily drinking – Booze like crazy. Drink 10 nights without rest.

Secret shop aka Sex shop.

  • Dick Tok Fever – Buying a community from the secret shop will give you a chance to scroll and like nudes. (The secret store will appear after the alcohol marathon in the bar).
  • I see you~ – Are you a hidden voyeur? Then it’s about you. Buy a camera from the store and install (for starters) from any of the “victims”. To get other achievements, you need to put a camera on each lady.
  • Is this the power of the stunt double?? – Buy a robot and do not be distracted by the routine in the process of work, have fun lifting up your skirt or squeezing bobs.

Having bought a robot, you will not only be able to work faster, but you can also go to a regular job without spending energy on it, skipping the process itself and just taking the money.

Pickup master.

  • Illusion of Innocence – It is necessary to gain the maximum level of arousal with a student.
  • Hungry Beast – You need to dial the maximum level of arousal with a lady in sexy glasses.
  • Be my waifu! – MILF should also have the maximum level of arousal with you.

All you have to do is come and clean their pipes. Preferably several times. After all, it is thanks to your skill that the level of excitement will grow ^^ I came, I saw, I failed. And so every day, until you get to the 5th level of lust and lust. To get to know each hero of the story, you need to visit random places at any time of the day.

Wake up a slob.

  • The secret of popularity – Scrolling through the community news feed, you will stumble upon a couple of spicy photos. You can fap until you see it, by liking the girl from all sides and angles. You will not be able to forget these forms and when you come to the student’s house you will find a familiar bunny on the bookshelf. Poke around in the browser history on her laptop. Wink at the handsome man in the mirror. Come back home, flip through the tape again, and then go to her and tell her what a cool mommy detective you are.
  • Boundless Desire – Looking into the camera, you will see a lot of phalluses, plugs and other stray for the strong and independent. This treasure will be in the bedside table. All you have to do is come to her after what you see and “play” a little.
  • Broken Vow – When visiting the house, don’t forget to be touched by family photos together on every wall. The venal bartender will hand over her husband with giblets, you will take a couple of pictures and post compromising evidence to the unfortunate starving wife.

    In order to reveal the slutty nature of each, it is necessary to have the maximum level of arousal with everyone. When visiting the house, be sure to walk through the rooms, considering every available little thing.

Finish line.

  • I’m so rich – It’s all elementary, Watson. You take and buy all the improvements in the store.
  • Sophisticated Customer – You could copy the sentence above and paste it here, but… But yes. It’s all elementary, Watson. You take and buy all the upgrades in the secret shop.
  • Now that’s a free show! – Probably the best achievement available. Be patient, my friend. After all, you will have to walk in the park for more than one night, until you meet the very one … the only one! Your other half. Exhibitionist.

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  1. How to complete your memories album (1.0.5):
    GIRLS (6/6): Reach Level 5 + Fallen STATUS with all girls.
    OTHER (7/7):
    * 1-5: Game Intro,
    * 6: Complete all store minigames,
    * 7: Complete all S-Shop minigames.
    CAMERA (12/12):
    * 1-4: Spy on every girl several times (random)
    1: No one at home.
    2: H-Scene 1 (random)
    3: H-Scene 2 (random, unlock level 5 or fallen)
    4: Sleeping.
    EVENT LIST (37/37)
    1-6. Go to the park at different times of day.
    7, 10: Have a drink at the bar.
    8: Go to the bar with no cash on you (<1000$).
    9: Go to the bar, reply "no" when asked to have a drink (random?).
    11: Random, after making some progress, while having a drink.
    12: Random, after unlocking OfficeGirl, while having a drink.
    13, 14: MarriedGirl: level 1 unlocked (or more), spycam installed, at least one H-Scene on spycam unlocked.
    15: Fail any Girl touching slider minigame (blue bar).
    16. Fail any job.
    17. Upon first H-Scene unlock (any girl).
    18. Upon Fallen unlock (any girl).
    19. Use your room's CRTV at the latest hour of the day.
    20. Check CollegeGirl laptop.
    21. Check CollegeGirl bunny doll after unlocking her SNS page.
    22. Check OfficeGirl nightstand/room drawer (need some progress first, or Fallen).
    23. Check OfficeGirl living room furniture.
    24. Check MarriedGirl computer.
    25. Check MarriedGirl wedding pictures.
    26. Upon installing SpyCam (any girl).
    27. Confront CollegeGirl (Level 5, unlocked SNS page, watched H-Scene in spycam, found proof [rabbit, room mirror, laptop]).
    28. Confront OfficeGirl (Level 5, watched H-Scene in spycam).
    29. Confront MarriedGirl (Level 5, watched H-Scene in spycam, completed husband blackmail bar event).
    30. Play Store 1st minigame.
    31. Play Store 2nd minigame.
    32. Success in Store minigames.
    33. Failure in Store minigames.
    34. Play S-Shop 1st minigame.
    35. Play S-Shop 2nd minigame.
    36. Success in S-Shop minigames.
    37. Failure in S-Shop minigames.


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