Happy Summer: Walkthrough (V0.3.0 – V0.4.7)

Here is an unofficial walkthrough for version 0.3.0 – 0.4.7.


Walkthrough V0.3.0 – v0.4.7 (Credit to BVonkX)

Early day – mika in library at bookcase
Early morning – mika in library, give $ 2500
A few days later Mika calls
Go to library and talk to Mika
Evening – to Hotel room Mika (little secret about rosie)

talk to Rosie in her room
After that just sleep and go outside your room Rosie will surprise you.

Go to Hotel Mika, go walk to park, kiss
Go to library and have a chat whit Mika

Mika library
Mika home, kissing (level 2 mika)
Mika library kiss en talk
Mika library kiss

Mika evening apartement – hiding from her mother – kiss – offer to buy yoga mat
Next morning go to PC, buy yoga mat – no internet connection
Go to basement – wake up with Rosie and Lucy in hospital – kisses – meet May – go home
Go to hospital and ask for May (2nd may event)

join lucy in bath in the morning
join lucy watching tv late at night, living room
go to kitchen the day lucy is in home (after other scenes) then go to her room (Level 4 Lucy)
repeat bath in the morning if you want

Rosie in her bedroom, ask for May
Lucy in her bedroom, ask for May
The next day Lucy calls you and says that May sometimes goes to the park
Go to the park when May is there, follow to her house
Next day go to her house (bottom right of the map)

May in the park in the evening
Rosie batroom in the morning showering fingerjob and handjob together
Office, buy yoga mat $250
Mika, go to her apartment in the evening, just got out of the shower

Go to the bathroom early in the morning for HJ with Rosie until you reach level 4 80%. The next morning, going to the bathroom again for BJ.

Mika, go to her apartment in the evening, eat and pussy lick

late morning go to cafe talk to mary about job for may
In the afternoon, go to May (bottom right of the map) and talk about job
when you sleep well you get a message from May that she has a job
In the afternoon go to apartment Mika, there you will find letter, take it home and then short conversation with Rosie

In the early afternoon talk to Rosie in her room “ask about watching sometime”
Stay home and scene starts by itself in the evening, BJ from Lucy, almost caught by Rosie.

Go to cafe in daytime, there May meets Mary and May asks you to meet her later.
Go to May’s house in the evening

In the morning go to hospital, talk to doctor.
Next morning May will come to your home
Do something like eat and then go to hospital

In the day time go to old apartment May, bottom right of the map.
Play minigame, collect stuff to move.
No longer sleep in your own bedroom but on the couch in the living room.

In the day time go to room May
Go to bathroom in the evening
Eating together daytime kitchen

In daytime go to room Rosie, pussy lick and more

Go to office and start PC, play Zombie Summer. First you get cartoon story, then gameplay.
Use hammer for stone, ax for wood and crowbar for metal.
Use hammer against zombie, ax against fat zombie and crowbar against dog.
Collect those resources you need and go to middle room to continue mini story.
To go back to HS click next to the game, you will continue where you were when you start it up.

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